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A dirt bike can go more. places than an ATV. probably the 250

go two wheels quads are just dirtbikes with training wheels

2011-09-13 18:52:17
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1983 Honda 250r vs 2002 Honda 400EX the 250R has a pipe and the 400EX is all stock who wins the drag race?

The 250R is going to win

1983 Honda 250R vs 2002 Honda 400EX?

The 400ex its got a bigger motor... :P

Which is faster a 400ex or a 250R?

of course a 250r is because its a 2 stroke and bigger cylinder

What is faster a Honda 250r atc or a Yamaha banshee?

Honda 250r

What is oil capacity of 2006 Honda crf 250r?

2 and a half litres exactly

Is Honda 250R 2 or 4 stroke?

the Honda 250r is a four stroke actually the Honda cr 250r if a two stroke. the four strokes are the 250f's or the crfs. ever the Honda cr 500r is a two stroke. the Honda fourtrax 250r quad is a two stroke. trust me i ride a 88 250r and have a fourtrax 250r and have had 2 other 250r's all two strokes

How do you remove the front sprocket from your Honda TRX 250R ATV?

How do you remove the front sprocket from Honda trx 250r

What are the horspower ratings on a 83 Honda 250r atc?

what are the horsepower rating on a1983 Honda 250r atc

What is faster a Honda 250r vs a 350x?

a 250r atc is def faster

Will the seat off of a 1985 Honda atc 250R fit a 1984 Honda atc 250R?

No, it will not. 81-84 are the same

Can a Honda 125R beet a Honda 250R?

Depends on the rider. But the answer should be, "No".

What is the top speed for a Honda 250r?


Wiil the rear fender off a 1985 Honda atc 250r fit a 1984 Honda atc 250R?

no they will not that is when they changed sorry it ried to do this already

Where can you find a free repair manual for 1994 Honda cr-250r?

Most Public library's

Will the seat off of a 1984 Honda atc 250r fit on a 1981 Honda atc 250r?

no the 81-82 are the same and the 83-84 are the same but they do not interchange.

What is the fuel-oil mixture on a 1984 Honda 250r?

The fuel-oil mixture for Honda 250r 1984 must be 2 percent of syntetic oil .

What bhp is a Honda cr 250r 2002?


How many gears are on a1985 Honda 250r?

6 gears

What oil weight is used in a Honda crf 250r?

5wt oil. Use Honda oil.

How fast is 86 atc 250r?

the top speed for the 1986 and 1985 honda atc 250r is 83 miles per hour

Where can one purchase a Honda 250R?

A good place to look for vehicles is the website Ebay. There you can find any kind of vehicle and other products and bet for them. The price of an Honda 250R is about US $3,700.00.

How fast does a stock Honda trx 250R go?

70 to 80mph.

Free Honda 2001 CR 250R owner manual?


What size carburetor came on a 1982 Honda atc 250r?


How fast does a 1987 Honda 250r 4 wheeler go?