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I started havng really bad cramps and a little brownish discharge. My doctor performed a series of tests and it turned out that my progesterone was low, 15.4. Then,my doctor put me on prgesterone vaginal suppositories. I go back next week to have my progesterone monitored.

The answer is definitely YES! I had PCOS for many years because I had almost no Progesterone in my system. I use to miss periods for 4 - 6 months before I came on again. What bothers me is that your doc put you on Progesterone Vaginal Suppositories. This is not natural at all. What I would suggest is that you try Naturone which is a 100% natural cream. I started using this cream 2 months ago, and got a full period in less than two weeks after that. You can order this cream at There you will find all the information you need. Trust me, after 14 years of PCOS, this is the only product that works.

I agree that it could be an issue with low progesterone. I also have PCOS and low progesterone with all my pregnancies. However, I think your doctor did the right thing by giving you the vaginal suppositories. I used them with my first successful pregnancy. The ones my doctor prescribed were very natural. It was pure progesterone and glycerin to give the progesterone their solid form. The suppositories are much better than the synthetic pills or gels that are inserted vaginally. Stay with the suppositories. It puts the progesterone right where it needs to be. I also had the same kind of spotting.

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Q: Would you have problems with bleeding if you have low progesterone?
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What causes low progesterone levels?

what causes low progesterone levels and what can we do to make them higher to get pregnant?

Can low progesterone cause miscarriage?

Yes. It depends in how low, but definitely it can.

Can spotting for 7 days with no heavy bleeding be implantation bleeding?

yes it could if you've had a positive pregnancy test, could be low progesterone levels needing supplement or threatened miscarriage I'd ask my doctor to draw a progesterone level, I did the same and had to miscarry my first before the doctor checked. they usually want "history" which i think is crazy.

When the progesterone level is 1.5 in a pregnant woman will it mean miscarriage?

Progesterone can be low for two different reasons. It can be predicting a failing pregnancy, or it can just be that your body is having a hard time producing it and you need a hormone supplement. 1.5 is a very low progesterone level. Most doctors like you to be no lower than 10. If you are bleeding or have any other miscarriage symptoms along with it, I am sorry to say, you may be miscarrying. Hopefully you are not, and the doctors can get you on a prescription ASAP. The best of luck to you! In the future, you can always have the doctor check your progesterone levels at a non-pregnancy time to rule out if you have a progesterone imbalance, or if your levels were just low because of a failing pregnancy.

Diabetes and low progesterone levels in pregnancy?

High risk pregnancy, needs progesterone supplement and blood sugar control.

What effect would decreasing levels of estrogen and progesterone have on the female reproductive system?

The endometrium would break down due to low hormone levels.

Bleeding after intercourse while pregnant?

You should see a doctor about this to check for any problems. It is possible that the placenta is low-lying which can be serious.

Can low progesterone levels be the cause for pink spotting lasting for 2 days a week before the period is due?

Hi, Progesterone usually increases prior to a womans period and cause the period to arrive in some cases. Low progesterone may cause spotting but so does pregnancy.

What effect does progesterone injections have in early pregnancy?

If your projesterone level is low, you can miscarry.

What cause of low hematocrit?

Low Iron in your diet. Bleeding (periods). Anemia

What is hormone replacement therapy used for?

Hormone replacement therapy is used to increase estrogen or progesterone in the body. It is usually given to women whose estrogen and progesterone levels are low due to menopause.

Normal menstruation occurs when?

When estrogen and progesterone levels are low, shedding of the endometrial layer (menstruation) occurs.

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