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YES!! You will still get your vitamins, but not only that, if you are drinking Coke along with it, you're also getting calories with it! Cut down on pop (soda, soft drinks) because it's not good for your health at all. I stopped drinking any kind of pop for at least three months, strictly and seriously. I got rid of a nice layer of fat, and I only weigh about 145 lbs. and only have six percent body fat, so I am cut up and my six-packs are in even nicer shape. Yes, the vitamins and nutrients are absorbed in the small intestines. So, the acid from the Coke will have been mixed with the sugar and the protein to be absorbed after it leaves the stomach.

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What are the effects of drinking alcohol after eating liver?

The same as after you eat steak, or chicken, or sushi, or a salad. If you drink enough, you get intoxicated.

What is steak?

Steak is the meat of an animal, usually cooked for eating.

Does steak come from horses?

Yes, when you eat steak, you are eating the horses genitals, and eyes, and heart. Yes, when you eat steak, you are eating the horses genitals, and eyes, and heart. Yes, when you eat steak, you are eating the horses genitals, and eyes, and heart.

Is there vitamins in beef steak?

yes, quite a few

If you are superstitious what would you avoid eating on new year's lobster steak turkey or fish?


Is eating steak or chicken cartilage bad for you?


How do you stretch bum muscles?

eating steak

Would the acid in soda cook a steak?

how can acid cook something? acid could perhaps slowly disolve a steak... but it's obviously not going to cook it. after all, does your stomach get cooked when you drink soda? i suppose you could boil some soda in a pan and then throw some steak into it... that would cook the steak... but it would have nothing to do with acid.

Can eating a rare steak make you sick?

Yes, it is possible to get sick from eating a rare steak. When a steak is raw it has parasitic bacteria in the meat, and because a rare steak is under cooked it to will still have parasitic bacteria, which can carry viruses and make you very sick.

What should you be eating while breastfeeding?

Mostly milk, meats, and grain. Fish and steak can be really healthy for the baby but make sure not to drink too much soda.

Who invented Steak?

Sam van der Linden invented steak in 1789 by eating a cow after heating it.

Can eating steak cause temporary blindness?


Is eating steak or chicken cartilage good for you?


How nice is steak?

depends on who is eating it, and your taste buds.

Can protein shakes stunt your growth?

no way, its like saying, can eating a steak stunt your growth?.... its protein, your body needs it to repair muscle tissue and so on, you find protein in 90% of the things you will eat and drink. we would all be migits is protein did

What Is Nick Jonas Favorite Food And Drink?

favourite food: steakfavourite drink: coke;]

Can you drink steak?

If you make the pieces very very small, you could drink it.

If you're having a tube steak what are you eating?

Hot dog

How long do you wait to swim after eating steak?

i think its an hour

Does eating steak help you pass a drug test?

No, but it is tasty.

Why is chicken the color of chicken?

What other color would it be? If chicken was not the color of chicken, maybe it was the color of steak, then steak would have to be the color of chicken, otherwise people would think "Oh i am eating chicken!" unaware that it was actually steak. Love, M&M Anyway some chickens aren't the usual colour of chicken, it depends what breed the chicken is. If eating a grey coloured high protein substance called chicken would put you at ease I recommend you eat silkies.

What should you eat carrot or steak?

i think steak For health reasons I would have to say carrot. But my preference would be the same as the first answer, steak. Actually I would rather have steak and carrots.

Does whole milk help clean your system of marijuana?

I don't know about milk, but drink a ton of water to dilute your urine, eat some steak for the creatine, and take b vitamins to so it won't look diluted.

What are the advantages of having a mine near your towns?

eating steak and peanuts

What is preset?

One answer is Giving your customers what they need before the food comes. Example giving your customers steak knifes because they will be eating steak.

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