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Might be the fuel pump going out-I had same problem on a 1992 Nissan pickup and the fuel pump started going out soon there after....

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โˆ™ 2006-03-10 23:33:57
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Q: You can go 10 miles in your 1991 Nissan 4X4 and the fuel gauge tells you you have used over a quarter tank of gas What could be the problem?
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When on the motorway your fuel gauge goes down by a quarter of a tank how can you stop this you want it to read what is in the tank?

it could be your fuel sending unit or the float in the tank less likely your gauge is bad but that could also be the problem

If the gas gauge stopped working on your Lexus GS300 what could be the problem?

the problem could be that the enegn is jamed

What fuse controls the speedometer tachometer fuel gauge in Nissan Primera Camino?

Did you find the problem? I have the same issue.

Why is your oil gauge on High Nissan Titan?

Perhaps you turned on a button for it. Or there may be a problem with the oil and you should take it in to get checked.

1998 Nissan Pathfiner the speedometer and heat gauge quit workin?

1998 Nissan Pathfinder the speedometer and heat gauge quit workin?

What could be the problem with 98 blazer when the temp gauge fuel gauge radio and blower motor doesn't work?

Check ignition switch

2000 Ford Taurus fuel gauge stuck on full what could be the problem?

either the fuel gauge needs replacing or the fuel gauge sending unit in the fuel tank is stuck

The engine temperature gauge isn't working so how do you fix it?

It could be a faulty gauge, a faulty sensor, or a wiring problem. What engine do you have in what year car?

Water temp gauge not working?

You temperature gauge could be not responding because of a faulty fuse. If you check your fuses and they work then you may have an electrical problem.

Your 01 Mitsubishi galant heats up to about 3 quarter on the temperature gauge but cools down when you accelerates even when you am still stop What could be the problem thanks?

Check radiator fluid. You are probably low. That's what my 01 does when the coolant is low.

Why would a 1999 Nissan altima temperature gauge fluctuate and car is not overheating?

My Altima had that problem and it was the water pump going out. It started with temperature gauge was moving, but then it started leaking and finally the heater stopped being warm at idle.

Your check gauge light goes on and temperature gauge reads HOT intermittently and the car is not overheating so what might be the problem?

you could have abad temp sensor

Honda fuel gauge?

A common problem with Honda cars is that the fuel gauge is stuck on full. This problem is solved by replacing the gauge cluster.

Why doesnt my 1994 mustang temp gauge work?

The problem could be a dirty sensor or the sender is no good.

What would be the problem if your 86 s10 temp gauge fluctuates?

Could be low on coolant or a faulty thermostat.

How do you repair a fuel gauge of a 1988 F-150 that stays past full until you only have a quarter tank then goes to Empty?

The problem is most likely the sending unit, not the gauge itself. The sending unit would have to be replaced.

Is there a problem with your fuel gauge?


Have a daewoo espero the fuel gauge doesnt work proper it only shows a quarter of a tank why is that?

could be a bad earth feed at the tank, also could be float has hole in it and is not rising to to leak

What could be the problem if the gas gauge isn't working on a 1996 Hyundai Accent?

posiable a bad fuel sending unit.

If the dashboard temp gauge on a 1994 Honda Accord stopped moving what could be the problem and how do you fix it?

low coolant could cause this . without some backround ?

Why does a car stall when gas gets to quarter tank?

When the fuel tank in a car is below a quarter of a tank and stalls, it could mean that the fuel filter needs to be replaced. Another reason is that the gas gauge may not be reading the correct amount of gas in the car and the gas could be going to empty.

Fuel gauge stopped working after battery went flat and recived boost start?

I have the same problem, Audi have told me to check sender unit in fuel tank, if this doesn't show up anything then they will put it on their fault reader which could point to to a faulty fuel gauge pod. have you solved your fuel gauge problem yet ?

Gas gauge on 1992 jeep rangler does not gas past the quarter mark when full What can be the problem?

Your 1992 Jeep Wrangler faulty gas level sensor will cause the gas gauge to not function properly. The gas level sending unit may have a bad ground wire.

You just had your fuel sending unit replaced but it's still doing what the old sending unit was doing What could be the problem?


Car will not start but all your gauge lights are flickering?

Could be a battery problem, discharged, dead or dirty/loose battery connections.