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First make sure you have the power wire connected into the post on your fuse box in the motor compartment,then check both fuses(green 30 amps) to make sure they are good.Older vehicles need to have the power wire connected.Newer vehicles will already have them connected into the fuse box.

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โˆ™ 2006-03-21 22:31:05
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Q: You do not have any power to your towing adapter in the left rear fenderwell is there any fuse to check?
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No, the power adapter has to match the power requirement.

Why you remove battery from notebook when you check power adapter?

Becasue the battery stores electrical power. You may get a shock from the battery if you short circuit it, or accidentally turn the laptop on while checking the power adapter. Alternatively, if you are checking to see if the power adapter is working, you will not be able to tell if the battery is in because it will be providing the power.

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Probably the battery is discharged. It's possible the battery is not charging because the power adapter is dead. Check the power adapter with a voltmeter.

What do when your laptop won't turn on I press the power key and nothing happens?

It is most likely that there is a problem with your power. If your machine is plugged into mains power, check that the plug socket has power, check that your power adapter is okay, check that the power cable into your laptop is okay.

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Yes! you need to use a power adapter as well a plug adapter in Egypt from the UK.

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A 9V 1A adapter will supply up to 9 Watts of power and a 9V 200mA adapter delivers up to 1.8W of power. The 200mA adaptor may not be able to supply enough power to a device that has been supplied with a 1A adapter. The 1A adaptor should operate equipment that originally used a 200mA adapter. Before using a different power supply, check that the outputs are both DC or both AC. If they are both DC, it is important to check that the polarity at the connector is the same for both. If AC and DC supplies are swapped or the polarity is swapped there is a risk that the equipment will be damaged.

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No, the power adapter has to match the power requirement.

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12v 1.5amp power adapter is 18 Watt, can't load more than 18W power consumption,3amp power adapter can load 36W.

Can an iPod nano power adapter be used for a kindle?

Yes, the power adapter is compatible with the Kindle

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You may have blown the circuit. Does the circuit work before you connect the adapter? If so perhaps the adapter is faulty.

What would happen if you used a 19V 3.16Amp power adapter on something that called for a 12V 3Amp power adapter power supply?

You would overload and damage the device and/or the adapter.

What are the three ways a notebook can receive its power?

Ac adapter (uses regular household power, DC adapter (car adapter), and battery pack

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Most electronic equipment runs on DC (direct current), while the power supplied at receptacles is AC (alternating current). Some electronic equipment contains a power supply internally that converts AC to the required DC. Other equipment requires an external adapter to convert. When looking at an adapter it is important to get one that is compatible with the requirements of the equipment. The wrong adapter can damage equipment, or overheat. An adapter should be labeled with the following information. 1. check that the adapter input voltage matches your local power (i.e. 110-125VAC in US) 2. check that the adapter output voltage matches the equipment to be powered. 3. be sure the adapter output voltage is DC if the equipment requires DC--some adapters produce AC. 4. check that the adapter can supply at least as much current as the equipment requires. If it can supply more, that is fine. This will be in amps or more typically milliamps (mA) (for example it will say "200mA") 5. check that the connector on the adapter matches the input to the equipment-can it be plugged in? 6. important--even if the connectors mate, check that the polarity is the same. Unfortunately some commonly used power plugs are found wired both ways. For example, on round power connectors, sometimes the center is positive, sometimes it is negative.

Can you use a 12V power adapter on a device that requires a 10v adapter?


How do you Verify DC power in laptop?

Every laptop is different. If you unplug your AC power adapter from the laptop and it start it up, then your battery is doing the work. If you want to check the opposite, remove the battery and make sure the AC power adapter is plugged in properly and start it up. If your laptop starts up from one form of power but not the other, either your connection is bad or the hardware itself (ex. battery or AC power adapter) is faulty.

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A switching power supply adapter from Dee Van Electronics.

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The power button is for towing vehicles.

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Acceleration or towing.

Where is the fuse for power adapter in a 2004 Dodge Neon?

as in 12volt adapter . same as cig fuse

Can a 4.5 volt ac adapter power a game that says to use 5 volt adapter?