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adjust the clutch cable on top of the trans. adjust the clutch cable on top of the trans.

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Q: You have a 1993 Geo Storm and the clutch is very tight What do you need to do?
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How do you adjust the clutch on a 1993 Tercel?

there is not adjustment for the clutch, you need to replace it if is bad.

Why is Geo storm shifting into gears but slips?

You probobly need to replace the clutch.

1997 ultra classic wont move until clutch lever is let out all the way?

need a clutch cable adjustment. it is likely that it is too tight

Where is the clutch fluid in a 96 Nissan 200sx?

The '96 200sx has no fluid for the clutch. This car has a cable operated clutch that needs to be adjusted. If the cable breaks the clutch will not disengage. If the clutch is getting tight it will need lubed. If lubing the cable doesn't work a new cable is needed.

How do you fit a new clutch to a vauxhall zaferia?

first undo all the nuts that hold the clutch housing, then remove it. next undo all the bolts holding the clutch in place, remove clutch and put new one in place, replace bolts & tighten them very tight. next screw on the clutch housing (the nuts don't need to be as tight). Easy really, piece of cake in fact

How do you remove fan from 1993 ford econoline e150 4.9liter 6 cylinder?

You need to rent or buy a fan clutch removal tool kit. you need to remove the fan and clutch as one before you can separate the fan from the clutch.

How do you adjust the clutch on 1993 Mazda MX6?

YOu need to blead the system .. then it should require no adjusting

Where do you check the clutch fluid and how do you know if your clutch went out on a 1993 Nissan truck?

look at your clutch master cylinder and check fluid, if low ,check your slave cylinder for leaks ,its bolted on your transmission with 2 bolts ,its at where the boot is ,if leaking ,then replace ,if not then u will need anew clutch.

How do you remove clutch fan from 1993 explorer?

to remove a clutch fan on a ford, you need special tools . also fan thread is left hand thread ,so you unscrew it clockwise

1993 Yamaha 250 timberwolf starter clutch removal?

You need to first pull the flywheel/magneto off of the crank shaft. The starter clutch is attached to the back side of it with bolts.

i need chage the clutch of my car?

i need chage the clutch of my car

How do you convert from an automatic to manual transmission on a 1993 Geo Storm?

actually cheaper to buy a different car. to convert from auto to manuel, you will need a new gearbox and bellhousing. a clutch. a flywheel.a clutch pedal,and master and slave cylander for clutch.most likely need to buy a different drive shaft. then you will need to put it all in the car. you may even have to change gearbox mounts to accomadate different gear box.then if starter is different you will need new starter to match new flywheel

How do you adjust the clutch on a 1993 Saturn SL1?

yOU CAN'T....iT'S HYDRAULIC. If it's releasing high you need a clutch.If it's low you need a hydraulic unit

If a 1993 Ford Explorer 5 speed takes forever to build-up speed and loses power going up hills does it need a new clutch?

It is entirely possible that your clutch needs replacing. In a vehicle that age, your clutch is probably very worn out.

How do you change clutch on 1993 mercury capri? link will give you all of the information you will need

How tight do the clutch springs need to be tightened on a Honda CB360?

the clutch springs are not adjustable. proper tension is set when the springs are tightened all the way down. the bolts are 6mm w/10mm heads should torque to 90 to 110 inch lbs.

How do you remove a clutch fan on a 1987 Nissan truck?

their are 4 bolts holding it on .u need a12 mm socket with ashort adapter and a pair of plyiers,its a tight fit.

Why does your 1993 Maxima clutch feel soft and does not engage?

it might not have any hydrolic fluid in the clutch master cylinder to engage the cluth or your clutch might me shot and just won't engage at all meaning you need a new one (was there a smell in the car right before you couldn't use clutch? that might of been the clutch burning up). don't quote me on all that I'm just telling you what you can check.

How to replace a clutch on a 1993 Jeep Wrangler?

If you need to ask, I suggest taking it to a reputable shop. It is very involved & many things can go wrong. I definitely suggest changing at least the slave cylinder for the clutch while in there.

How do you replace a Cooper clutch?

I need a diagram to connect at clucth cable from a nissan sentra 1993 4 cilinder stitf shift,

I Cant shift it is hard and clutch has no resistance?

You need a new clutch

Can you adjust clutch on 1997 f350?

It is a hydrolic clutch does not need adjusting

How do you get storm lord?

you need to be storm and you get it as a quest

I own a 1993 Nissan 300zx. The clutch is somewhat resistant and making a squeaking noise when pressed. What is causing this problem?

Linkage to the probobly hydraulic clutch parts need lubricating. broken parts may be the culprit. is it the pedal or the clutch in the engine bay makingthe noise. does it feel like its scraping on things/

You need to know what size fuse to use and where to place it in on a 1993 geo storm?

The Fuse size is listed on the under side of the Fuse Cover.