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Headlight problems on Eddie Bauer explorerI had strange problems with the headlights on a 1996 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer eddition. First the right headlight quit working, so I changed the bulb, now I have a spare bulb that is perfectly good. Next I checked all fuses including the power distribution box. They all checked good. I let this problem go for about 3 months, and lost the left headlight and the fog lights. I had parking and brights, that was all. I talked with a local mechanic, and he told me about a lamp control module that is located under the console information screen. I replaced this module, and everything came back on. This module is on the upper inside right edge of the console. The part at this time is a Dealer only item. $68.00 part # F77Z 10K910 AA on this model. I hope this helps anyone with this mind boggling problem. CCM

Same problem with my 1997 Ford explorer Eddie Bauer. The problem device was under the message center hidden beneath a bracket along the right side. The unit was marked "Lamp Outage Module" Part Number F77B10K910AA. By removing two Philips head screws, the module was unplugged from the harness and removed. The plastic shell could be opened revealing a circuit card. One of the connector pins had a failed solder joint. The whole card was re-soldered. Putting everything back together fixed the problem at no cost.

Had exact same problem on 1995 Limited. Resoldered one joint and fixed the problem. Suppose "Made in China" label had anything to do with it. Thanks for the help!

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Q: You have a 1995 ford explorer and the passenger headlight was out so you replaced the bulb but still out so you proceded to replace the socket and now you found the headlight only works on highbeam?
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