You have a 94 S-10 blazer 43 V-6 fills the engine with gas can someone help you severly floods out?

I'd guess that you have an injector that is stuck open. If it's throttle body injector, you're in luck. That way you only need to work on one. You might just have a little debris stuck in the injector body, but you'll probably be better off if you work over the throttle body and replace the injector. If you have the 4.3 Vortec engine ,I may have a solution. I had a1994 Jimmy with same problem. I talked to a GM mechanic and found out these engines have CENTERAL PORT INJECTION system.I had to take off the top cover of the engine where the CPI is and found fuel laying every where. I started the engine and seen fuel pumping out of a cracked plastic line that feeds the CPI .This was flooding the engine badly.I replaced the CPI SPIDER as it is called, and the two plastic fuel lines and my Jimmy ran good as new. It took me around a hour or so. The down fall is, these parts are expensive.Hope this helps.