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Assuming you mean the coolant overflow. First, have you added any "water pump lubricant"? If so, it is an oil emulsion and may have separated from the water. If you're certain that it's engine oil getting into the coolant, first have the heads re-torqued. You might be able to get by without any serious repairs if you can just do that. Using a radiator stop-leak won't work since the pressure into the radiator would be greater than the pressure generated by the hot coolant, so the stop-leak won't work. Stop leak only works when the fine particles of metal try to exit through a leak and get stuck along the edges, build up and create a blockage. That can't happen if you're leaking oil into the coolant.

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Q: You have about a tablespoon of oil in the over flow what should you check we will flush the system what if we add some iron tight?
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