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You have an 1989 Beretta wiith a 2.8L It has a cracked block you found a block out of 1986 Fiero with a 2.8L Are these blocks interchangeable?

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2007-11-25 23:03:54

Hi guys. Mechanic here. Yes, it will work.

OTOH you are a bad person if you do it. Instead, you should fix

the Fiero. If you fix the Fiero, the gods will bless you. If you

cannibalize the Fiero to revive a Beretta, you will face eternal


If you want to, you could always put the 2.8 in the Beretta to

get a basic car going right away and then get a small-block

conversion for the Fiero. That would not upset the car gods so


== == ask a mechanic.

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