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== == These could be due to ligaments stretching. Women have ligaments that support the uterus during pregnancy, and these can begin stretching very early on. However, it's always best to ask your doctor.

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Q: You have been having twinges in your left and right side of your stomach you are 6 weeks pregnant Is this normal?
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If you have slight twinges and lower back pain at 6 weeks pregnant is this normal?

It can be normal, but you should bring it up with your doctor in case there is something else going on.

Can you be pregnant if your having cramps after period?

If you have a normal period with normal flow you are not pregnant

Is it normal to have a sensitive stomach while pregnant?


Is having bad stomach cramps and having diarrhea normal before getting your period?

I have bad stomach cramps and bad diarrhea is that normal?

Im 4 weeks pregnant and im having stomach pains like cramps what does that mean?

It means your normal......... Cramps happen during pregnancy... this is why you shouldn't get pregnant at 13.

Is a burning sensation in the stomach normal when you're 7 months pregnant?

Is a burning senation normal in 7 months pregnant

Is it normal for a pregnant woman to have stomach aches?

Stomach aches is not normal but abdominal pains yes it is and only during the first trimester.

I am 9 weeks pregnant and am having stomach cramps?

as long as your not bleeding with the pain everythhing should be ok....its normal to cramp because your uterus is streaching

You are 14 weeks pregnant and ive been having stomach cramps for 5 days now is there anythin wrong?

cramps are normal during pregnancy

When pregnant is it normal to get cramps and pains in your stomach?

No it isn't normal and you should seek medical help.

Is it normal to hear a heartbeat in your stomach when you aren't pregnant?

Yes it is your own.

You are 8 weeks pregnant and your stomach sometimes growls is this normal?


Does it mean in pregnant if I'm on your period with no cramps?

Yes.Answer 2:If you are having a normal period with normal flow you are not pregnant.

Is it normal to have a sore stomach four months pregnant?

Sure. Your stomach muscles are having to adjust as your body changes size. Give yourself a rest for a few days from major activity and it should feel better.

If you have the feeling of gas in stomach are you pregnant?

A missed period and positive pregnancy test are the normal symptoms of pregnancy. A feeling of gas in the stomach is a normal human sensation.

Is it normal having fever while pregnant?


Is it normal to experience stomach pains five days after sex?

it means you are pregnant

Can no cramps before your period means you are pregnant?

No, not having cramps is normal and lucky. If your haveing a normal flow you aren't pregnant.

Is it normal for a 13-year-old girl's stomach to hurt after being fingered if she had her period so she is not pregnant?

yes, it is normal. And no, you couldn't be pregnant

Is it normal to have stomach flu pain and sharp pain in my vagina a month after hysterectomy without having the stomach flu?

No, it is not normal to have these pains a month after having a hysterectomy. You will need to contact your doctor to be checked out.

Is it normal if you are pregnant and your stomach is not showing under the belly button and huge above it?

It's not normal, see a doctor

Gas in the stomach?

Lot of people are having stomach gases but what is it? Stomach gases are caused by the above normal level of gases in your entrails.

You are 26 weeks pregnant and are having what feels like period pains is this normal?

no it is not normal.

Is it normal to get dizzy when pregnant?

it is normal no get dizzy when pregnant because when you get up you are not used to having so much weight on you but it will go away

You are 4 weeks pregnant and have a sharp pain ever so often in your stomach is this normal?