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You left the nail in the tire and put fix a flat in the tire Is that bad?



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it isn't bad, but it needs to be fixed. You should go to a discount auto parts store, and purchase a tire plug kit. It will consist of a slimy black tar like length of material which will be threaded into the needle, which looks like a screw driver with an eye on the end of it, thread it about one third of the way through the needle, also included will be some rubber cement type glue in a tube, cover the threaded needle and the black thing with the rubber cement. You should either have another can of fix a flat on hand or be near an air pump when you do this becasue you may lose air. Also included will be a tire gouger type tool, first rotate the tire to where the nail is, using your finger or a screw driver, pull out the nail, insert the gouger, till the hole is actually larger, large enough to insert the threaded driver and black thing (my kids and I call them caterpillars for lack of a better term), any way, then insert, turning while pushing the needle, and slowly pull it out turning the opposite way so that the better part of the caterpillar stays inside the tire, whatever remains on the exterior cut it off leaving no longer than `1/4 inch of the caterpillar hanging out. check the pressure in your tire, add air if needed, then drive your car for a mile or so, or more if you like, to seal the hole. This is a permanent fix, it will last, if done properly, if you take it to the shop they may charge $20.00 at the auto parts store, the kit is between 3-6 dollars. it doesn't hurt to keep a spare kit in your car. good luck


Sorry but I disagree with the above answer. The fix-a-flat is not necessarily a bad thing, but just like the plug mentioned is just a temporary fix. Have the tire fixed properly with a patch inside the tire. If not you may be stranded again when the plug leaks. I have seen a number of these temporary plugs leak even when installed properly. It is a temporary fix, and is not meant to be permanent. Your very safety is riding on your tires, so don't take a chance, and have it repaired correctly with an internal patch. Be sure and tell the person who fixes the tire correctly that you used fix-a-flat.