You love your cousin?

Now , You Need To Think about this vey strongly because this could be a huge thing . You Couold Have A crush on them but if its anything more than that and you truly love them then you should get rid of those reasons why you do , because its wrong and illegal. If You had babies together they would all be deformed and stuff because of the clash in DNA . Think About it , Would you shag your brother or sister . No ? Then why your cousin dude x
That's wrong and wierd, think about it. You may think your cousin is attractive like cute or handsome but no more than that. If so get help seriously, don't ruin your babies life b/c your ignorant.

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I think that what the first person said about ur feelings is right, you have to be really sure you love them cos if u choose to pursue that things could get messy, i think i have kind of a crush on my cousin. But actually this person is "ignorant" if u do have a kid with ur cuz there is only an addded 4% chance ur kid will have a defect. So there is like a 93% chance ur kid will b fine cos there is a 3% chance anyway. Just sayin, u can look it up

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well i myself think there is nothing wrong about lovin your cousin he or she is not really related to you not in your blood, if any of you have read the bibble is says many family member you should not be with but if you read it closely it did no say your cousin its only againts the law since people think its wrong and they are so called your "cousins" it is not.

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I love my cousin and you know what that's because that's how i feel so to the first guy go F yourself! In a lot of states now you can even marry your first cousin and there are always people who will oppose but if its right then why the hell would a few people stop you? and to add on to the bible thing there is a passage that says at one point god made cousins reproduce with each other at one point so i guess god didnt think it was all that bad.

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Listen to this. You can love who you want to love and no one can tell you otherwise. If you are really and truly in love with your cousin, that's fine. NO ONE CAN TELL YOU THAT IT IS WRONG OR YOU AREN'T ALLOWED TO. Go for it.