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you must check the brake pedal release switch it will have probably failed at the same time as the ignition switch was replace by coincidence or you bumped the wire off replacing the ignition switch

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โˆ™ 2006-05-08 15:47:30
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Q: You replaced the complete ignition switch the car starts now but the shift lever wont budge how do you fix that Its a 91 190?
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Your 1998 gmc jimmy starts and then off acts like it is not getting enough fuel you have replaced fuel pump and filter what could be causing this?

You may have a faulty ignition switch. The ignition switch feeds the fuel pump.

What does an ignition switch do for a 1997 jeep?

It engages and disengages the lock that starts the vehicle. There are 2 parts to the switch. The ignition switch and the lock assembly.

What starts a car?

The ignition switch completes the circuit of electricity from the battery to the starter that actually turn the engine over and starts it.The ignition switch completes the circuit of electricity from the battery to the starter that actually turn the engine over and starts it.

How do you remove the ignition switch of a 97 Suburban?

you can take it to be replaced it has a recall on them

When putting in a car battery should your car automatically start?

No, if it starts on its own without you turning the ignition switch then the ignition switch is defective.

I have a 1997 Ford Aspire that I replaced the ignition switch. I now dont have any fire to the ignition. Is there a problem with the ignition module or the ECM?

are all the connection plug in on the switch and did you have fire before replaceing switch

You have no power from ignition Starter is good replaced ignition switch with key in on position you can jump syllinoid to starter with screwdriver and car starts no problem 1994 beretta?

Could be a faulty ground wire. Not very rare to happen

How do you change the ignition switch on a 2002 Hyundia Accent?

To changeÊthe ignition switch on a Hyundai Accent, first, one should remove the switch from the steering column, to which it is attached. From there, the component can be replaced.

67 mustang starts on run position?

Bad ignition switch.

Jeep ignition 1990 Cherokee Pioneer when starts runs strong it takes from 1 crank to 100 times to start it it shuts off randomly I replaced ignition cylinder and ignition switch won't start why?

Check to see if you are getting spark (coil) and fuel

Why won't my ignition switch turn on or off in a1991 Chrysler New Yorker?

It sounds like your ignition switch will need replaced. The one that is inside your steering column.

Why does your engine still run when you take the key out of the ignition?

check the ignition switch , it might be bad and may need to be replaced.

Integra 96 why it crank but won't start?

the wires from the ignition switch need to be replaced.

Have 93 ford escort replaced modulo cause car would not start my problem now is it starts now but wont shut off with the key?

Need to replace the ignition switch.

92 Chevy 2500 you have replaced the starter when you turn the key the starter wont engage?

This could be a bad ignition switch, ignition relay, or ignition fuse.

Ignition switch will not turn on 1998 Chrysler concord?

tumbler has slipped. hit key with mallet . but ignition keylock will soon have to be replaced

Hyundai Elantra no crank and than it starts?

The ignition switch could be bad if a Hyundai Elantra has no crank and then starts. The fuses which are tied to the ignition should also be checked.

How do you replace lost ignition keys to a 1984 Monte Carlo?

you will have to replace the complete ignition switch with a new one.

How do i start my astro van when the key will not turn in the ignition?

get a new key or break ignition with flathead screwdriver or try wiggling old ket around Appended Aug. 7th, 2010: Possible pass-lock failure. this is a switch that is part of the ignition switch, and must be replaced with the whole ignition switch.

2001 Kia sephia with an intermittant starting problem Sometimes the startere just ticks and then sometimes it starts I replaced the starter and battery both Why?

I have just came up on this same problem with my 2000 Kia. Turns out it was the Ignition switch. $160.00 to have it replaced.

Why is it when I replaced my ignition switch in my Cadillac Catera my car just cranks and cranks but will not start?

its not your ignition its your crankshaft sensor that's the same problem i had.

How do you depress the holding pins on the ignition switch on a 1995 Ford Escort?

you cant. it has to be replaced as a unit

How do you turn on the Honda Accord?

Turn the ignition switch clockwise until it starts, then release.

What causes the ignition switch to rotate without powering up the ignition system and not starting on a 1984 Chevrolet pickup with tilt steering?

If your battery is fully charged and the connections are clean and tight, the problem is probably that the contacts in the switch are corroded or worn, meaning your ignition switch will have to be replaced.

1990 Mercury Cougar won't start how can you jump or eliminate the switch on the brake?

Your brake light ignition switch should be replaced. It works your brake lights and ignition switch, so you do need it. It only costs about $7 dollars.