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You think you might be pregnant what should you do and how should you tell your parent?


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First of all I'm an evangelist, and I'm not going to tell you intentionally wrong. Second i assume you aren't married, so the step you need to take first is to ask GOD to forgive you for what you've already done, sex out of marriage is not of the will of God, but he will forgive you, handle that first trust me. Then PRAY and asked God to guide you to do and say the right things.I don't think God would mind you getting a pregnancy test done, you can even by the pregnancy tests now days.Then if you're pregnant then ask GOD to give you the words to say to your parents. Ask him to go in front of you first and I promise it will all work for your good.Get CHRIST in your life baby, because we all have to have him in our lives if we ever want to prosper.

Having sex is not cool as you think and getting pregnant is a life time contract to your child, whether they small or grown they will always be on your mind.(As my late mother use to say when they're young, they'll on your hand and when they're grown, they'll on your heart).In todays newspapers i read the obitruary and i usually see were a young lady have a baby that passed, she'll list her name but not the fathers,something is wrong with that picture don't you think.Please let God in your life today.God Bless You baby.

Answer:Go to Planned Parenthood and take your boyfriend with you, take a test and make sure you are pregnant and then tell them. If you are not tell your mom you've had sex and need to be on Birth Control. You don't need their consent to this but it's good if they know. If you are pregnant the doctor will tell you all the choices you have and this is something you need to think about and also tell your parents since they will be involved in what ever decision you make. Just sit them down and tell them straight out. And remember that in the end it's your choice and no one elses, regardless if your parents are against it.

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If you are pregnant, you should not be bleeding at all, apart from minor spotting. If you are bleeding, and you think you might be pregnant, you should see a doctor.

Well you should not have sex with someone who is married at all and he should not cheat on his wife but if you already have and is now pregnant I think it's more a question about if you want to be a parent or not. He might still be a dad to his child and will have to pay child support. You need to consider if you want to be a single parent or not. The fact that he is married is his problem. Having an abortion because he is married is not a reason I think. This is not just about him but more about you who is pregnant and is the one who have to make the life changing choice.

You should discuss this with your doctor, hospital or pharmacist.

Relax.If you have it in your mind that you might be pregnant then you might miss your period ,and you mind might make you think you have the symptoms of being pregnant. Go to

Okay, that isn't a question, that's a statement. And beyond that, you made numerous grammatical mistakes. Your statement should have looked like this: I'm 14 and I think I might be pregnant. If you are pregnant, the baby is the LEAST of your problems, honey.

You should consult a doctor or take an at-home pregnancy test.

You should see your doctor. You might have an infection.

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I think that there should be a character requirement.. they must be ready to be a parent not just jump into it..

You should get a pregnancy test to verify that you are pregnant.

I think, that while no sane parent would want their teenager to fall pregnant, and that it would be a shock to them, and that they would feel mighty disappointed in them, that they should stand by the child and support them 110%.

If you think you might be pregnant, take a pregnancy test. If it's negative, consider inserting a new ring and retest in two weeks. If the next test is positive, remove the ring. There is no harm done if you've pregnant and used the ring, but the risk of pregnancy while waiting to see if you're pregnant is a crazy thing to accept.

yes you can and you usually are if you think you are you might be

1st thing I might think of is : I am pregnant.

You should call the police or talk to a teacher or parent.

Yes, you can. If you think you might be pregnant, go and get a test as soon as possible.

not very, but if you think you might still be pregnant, take another test and that should do it (if you still don't believe it, check with a doctor)

Because she might be to create a dramatic scene for once. She might not be exercising but i dont think she looks pregnant.

Yes. He Might be charged with rape.People might think he is a pedo.

NO, you should not take birth control if you think you may be pregnant. Instead, you should immediately see your doctor for proper diagnosis and guidance.

If you think you might be pregnant, take a pregnancy test. If you take a test at least 10 days after sex, it will work. If it's negative continue the patch.

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