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change the Power Steering fluid

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Q: Your 1995 Covette power steering is sluggist in responding to turning steering wheel until after running for 15-20 minutes?
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Where is the multifunction switch for a 2001 neon?

behind the steering wheel. pull off neg. battery cable, wait 2 minutes, remove airbag, remove steering wheel, and there it sits

What happens when you drive a car with no power steering fluid?

My power steering hose was burst when I was 1.5 hours away from home. All the steering oil was splashed within a minutes. Though it was hard to drive, I came back home without problem. Next day, I went to work and came back home. No problem other than very sticky steering.

What would cause a vibration in the steering wheel and a smell of burning rubber after 10 minutes of driving?

A flat tire is one possibility

What causes really h eavy steering on a fiat punto?

If the car is being driven with the "city" setting selected and suddenly the steering goes heavy and a steering wheel symbol appears in the instrument cluster then the electric power steering has failed. If you stop and the ignition is switched off and then back on again the steering should recover until the next failure which may be minutes, hours or days apart. The best solution is to deselect "city" driving and drive on normal setting which may never fail but if it does then the answer is to get a new steering column with integrated power steering fitted but it is costly £700 to £800.

Why would a 1996 Grand Am only run for about two minutes after the steering wheel was repaired?

It can be numberous things. TAke it to a garage for correct diagnoises.

What does stack overflow at line13 mean?

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My Nissan truck squeals when i start it up then stops after a few minutes?

That sounds exactly like what happens when your fan belts are loose! I had this happen to my 1991 D-21 it was the steering Idler pully bearing! It did fail and I lost my power steering!!! It drove me crazy for a very long time!!!

How do you adjust the excess play in the steering wheel from the steering gear box?

I just looked this up online and found a pretty good website. Although I havnt tried to do it yet on my own corvette I probably will within the hour,,DIY_13704_2278440,00.HTML this is the URL as well as some of the directions from the sitethe next step in this restoration is to adjust the Corvette's steering using the steering-box located underneath the hood. An earlier test-drive revealed that the steering wheel exhibited some play during driving. Since the other steering components have been checked and found to be in good shape, the play may be due to wear in the gears inside the steering box.The Corvette's steering box permits adjustment of these gears, which may well solve the steering problem. Adjustment of the steering requires two people, but the job can be done in just a few minutes.The steering box is unlocked using an open-end wrench and a screwdriver extended through a factory hole in the fiberglass body. To adjust the steering, unlock the nut with about a quarter-turn, then adjust the steering using a slotted screwdriver (figure H).As one person sits in the drivers seat and turns the steering wheel in slight increments, another person can adjust the steering (figure I) until the excess play is removed.Important: Avoid over-tightening the steering-box mechanism, as this may cause binding of the steering.

The radiocd player steering wheel controls stopped working on your 2003 buick rendezvous How do you get them working again?

Most likely replace the clock spring. Or check all plugs going to the stereo unit including inside the Steering wheel. Be sure to disconnect negative battery terminal for 2 minutes before opening the steering wheel for safety reasons regarding the airbag if fitted.

What tools do you need to take off a steering wheel on a 2002 ford escort. how do i take the steering wheel off?

The only special tool you need is a steering wheel pull. You can usually get a loaner from the parts place. To take the steering wheel off first you need to disconnect the negative terminal of the battery for 5 minutes to disrupt the current to the airbags so they won't blow on you. Then, you take the horn button loose and disconnect the wiring to it. Then pull the airbag off by taking 2 bolts off the back of the steering wheel. Then disconnect the wiring to the air bag. Mark the position of the steering wheel on the shaft so you can get it back on straight. Then put the puller on the steering wheel and pull it off. Piece of cake!

Your crise control and horn went out and the air bag light blinks all the time What is wrong 1995 explorer?

Sounds to me like the "clock spring" is broken. " The "clock spring" is a device that makes the connection for the horn, air bag and other accessories mounted in the steering wheel from the steering column to the steering wheel. Replacement requires removing the steering wheel. The vehicles battery needs to be disconnected several minutes before so as not to accidentally discharge air bag in the process.

96 sunfire powersteering line repaired worked for 10 minutes now no power steering at all so how to purge?

Start engine. Turn steering wheel all the way left, then right, then center. Stop the engine. Top off the PS fluid. Wash, rinse, etc.

What if you're browsing the internet and you realize your browser is not responding what should you do?

This will happen now and then; this is what I usually do:* Wait a while - sometimes it will respond after a while. No need to wait more than a few minutes. * Close the browser, then re-open it again.

Why would the ignition switch run start feed fuse blow on a ford f250?

you may have a short in the ignition swith get test checked, a steering column specialist can do this in a couple of minutes

Remove steering column 1995 ford van?

Disconnect battery. Wait 10 minutes, then remove airbag module (if equipped) and horn pad. Remove steering wheel. Pull off plastic trim panel below steering column. Turn ignition key to run (not start) and press lock tang to remove lock cylinder. Remove steering column lower shroud. Remove steering column upper shroud. Remove multi-function (turn signal/wiper/hazard) switch. Remove metal 'knee brace' bracket below steering column. Disconnect all affected wiring including wiring to ignition switch. Remove pinch bolt at bottom of steering column. Remove 2 nuts and t bolts mounting steering column. Note that it will now drop down and may pinch fingers or toes. Remove column from vehicle.

How do you remove the steering wheel on a 1999 Windstar?

DISCONNECT BATTERY FIRST. Let set for about 20 minutes or so. This is to make sure no residual power left in system. Next remove air bag. Usually two screws holding it in from the back of the steering wheel. Remove the connector. There is probably a large nut. Remove the nut. Then you should be able to use some type of bolt puller or steering wheel puller to remove it.

How do you remove the Steering Wheel on a 1998 Toyota RAV4?

Watch out for the airbag! From the manual (which you should buy if you are going to do this job safely), you need to disconnect the battery and wait for a few minutes before attempting to work on the steering wheel. THEN you can remove the airbag, disconnect the horn and cruise control, remove the steering nut, use a puller to take off the steering wheel, reset the clockspring etc... Not terribly difficult if you are comfortable working with the airbag, but also not something to do without the PICTURES in the manual. Your safety is not worth $12 spent on Amazon for the old manual.

How do you bleed grand Cherokee power steering pump after installing a replacement?

Fill fluid to proper level and start car---slowly turn steering wheel left to right and then back to center-----TURN STEERING WHEEL SLOW. The noise you hear is the air. Recheck fluid and add to full line and repeat steering wheel turning procedure. Then let car sit for a few minutes to let air rise. Start car and repeat procedure until system is quiet. NOTE: do not overfill system or fluid will overflow.

What if your car will suddenly stop accelerating while in motion The power steering will also fail and it is very difficult to use the brake also It then takes it a few minutes to crank?

Buy a new car!

When you start using your 2011 Windows Live Movie Maker it does not responding after a few minutes what should you do?

There may be a cliche in you 2011 download. Download and install it again. If you are still having problems, contact Microsoft Troubleshooting for Windows Live Movie Maker.

How do you bypass ignition lock in 1995 Isuzu Trooper?

Hopefully I am not helping you steal a trooper. It is fairly simple to bypass your key. You will need to remove your center cover from the steering wheel (pry's off of mine). You will see a wire in there with a disconnect plug, disconnect that. Remove the upper and lower covers on the steering column. If you have airbags, ensure you disable them. (Disconnect negative battery terminal and wait 30 minutes). Remove the two screws adjacent to the hole for the key. Remove the bolt for the steering wheel. (Make sure you mark the steering shaft and steering wheel so they go back on the same way). Wiggle the steering wheel off or use a steering wheel removal tool. Remove the pin holding the cable on the right side of the steering wheel, then remove the three bolts holding the assembly to the column. Last thing to do is remove the snap ring holding the lock cyl. assembly to the column. Slide it off. You can use a flat head screwdriver to start the vehicle. You will be able to start it without a key and put it into drive, reverse, etc. Hope this helps. I did it on mine tonight (lost my only key, awaiting new set) and it took me about 30 minutes.

Where is the steering wheel puller in a 96 Toyota corolla?

For Toyota vehicles it is recommended to use a steering wheel puller to remove the steering wheel, but the vehicles do NOT come with one standard. You can purchase one for ~20 dollars after shipping at JC Whitney, or you can Ebay one for less than 10. If your vehicle is equipped with an Air Bag in the wheel make sure you disconnect the battery for approx 10-15 minutes before you begin the task of removing the wheel.

1997 Ford contour stalls at stop signs and has a bad power steering pressure switch could this be the cause?

Possibly, the power steering pressure switch changes the idle if there is more pressure due to use of the power steering it will increase the idle. A bad switch could be sending faulty informatioin causing your idle to be wrong and the car could stall. These switches cost about $30-$35 and depending on location take minutes to change with a couple wrenches.

You put brake fluid where power steeling is supposed to go in is this a big problem can you just take it out and put right fluid in the car was ran only 15 minutes at most?

Both the power steering pump and the brake booster operate hydraulically. Putting brake fluid in the power steering pump will not harm it since brake fluid is a light oil only with different properties. I would only worry if it were the other way around and you put power steering fluid in the brake master cylinder. Power steering fluid doesn't have the heat range or density of brake fluid.

How do you disable the steering wheel air bag and remove steering wheel on a 1990 sedan deville?

Do not do this during an electrical storm. Disconnect negative battery cable. Wait 10 minutes. Remove the bolts holding the airbag bodule/horn pad to the steering wheel (from the back.) Hold the airbag module with one hand, then with the other hand unplug the horn wire and airbag wire. Move the airbag module away from the car. Set it down someplace out of the way and face up where other people won't go near it. Remove the nut and circlip at the center of the steering wheel. Use a steering wheel puller or two-bolt puller to pull the stering wheel off the column.