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Q: Your 1995 Town car is misfiring on the 5 cylinder The injectors and plugs were replaced only 5 will not fire nor will the injector work Any suggestions?
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Why does 2000 Audi A4 is misfiring on second cylinder?

I had this on mine and it was a faulty injector

How many fuel injectors does a V6 3.0 liter have?

It has 6 injector 1 Injector per cylinder

How many fuel injectors on a Toyota Solara?

There is one injector for each cylinder.

How can you tell if the fuel injectors are bad?

Rough running and very bad idle. They will also put more fuel into the cylinder than it can burn. The extra fuel will end up in the oil pan so your oil level will rise and it will smell like fuel. You can start the car and pressurize the fuel system. Shut the car off and watch the pressure at the fuel rail. If it drops too much either the injector or the pressure regulator check valve is faulty. If you have a cylinder that is misfiring, you can swap the injector from that cylinder with the injector of a cylinder that isn't and if the misfire moves that injector is bad.

How many fuel injectors does a 2003 Chevy s10 zr2 have?

One injector for each cylinder.

Where is the fuel injector located in geo 95?

Fuel injectors are located on rail by cylinder head

How do you fix a diesel cylinder misfire?

1: Replace the injector. 2: If still misfiring, replace the engine.

What is a cylinder injector?

It's direct injection, under compression as is used in diesel engines. Most automobile injectors are either throttle body (sort of like a carburetor with one or two injectors serving all cylinders) or manifold injection with an injector for each cylinder.

How many fuel injectors does a diesel truck have?

A diesel truck has as one fuel injector for each cylinder. So a v8 diesel has 8 injectors.

Where are the injectors on a diesel engine?

Either a single injector in the inlet manifold or, more normally, in the cylinder head(s), one per cylinder.

Where are the fuel injector in a ford scape 2002?

The fuel injectors are located over each cylinder of the engine block.

What would cause a 1992 Geo to leak fuel leak at the injectors?

Either the "O" rings are bad where the injectors go into the cylinder head or the electrical connector on the injector is leaking.

Misfiring in one cylinder?

2008 malibu 3.6 L code says PO302 misfiring Misfiring in number 2 cylinder. Could be an ignition problem with a bad spark plug or spark plug wire. Could also be a bad fuel injector. Could also be a mechanical problem such as a bad valve. Start with new plugs and wires.

Where is the fuel injector located on a 2004 trailblazer?

The 2004 Chevrolet Trailblazer fuel injectors can be found inside of the cylinder head. You will need to remove the valve covers in order to access the fuel injectors.

How many fuel injectors does a 1999 escalade have?

The 1999 Escalade uses the GM 5.7L V8 engine which has one injector for each cylinder. The V8 has 8 cylinders, so there are 8 injectors...

How do you fix a 1998 Ford Contour that is flooding and won't restart The injectors fire at the same time instead of sequentially?

the injector may be worn off, try replacing the flooded cylinder injector

Does a stock 85 Pontiac fiero gt have a fuel injector?

This engine will have seven injectors. 6 are the running injectors and there is a "Cold Start" injector.

How many injectors does a 86 Camaro have?

IF it is a V8 engine, it will have 8 injectors.If it is a V6 engine it will have 6 injectors.Engines have 1 injector for each cylinder.

What next for a 98 deville northstar 3 cylinder misfiring changed plug coil wire and injector reads 12.6 ohms could injector still be bad?

Need to check the coil wire, and all other ignition parts.

Why is my 96 camaro misfiring on number three?

could be bad spark plug bad plug wire bad cap bad rotor bad injector just check the plug try switching the wire from three with another if it then misses on same cylinder then pull cap and rotor and check for any burnt spots other than where spark should be sparkin if there are repace cap and rotor if none then its the injector try switching injectors to make double shure its the injector before you go buy a costly part if not the injector take it in

2000 Isuzu Rodeo is misfiring on the fourth cylinder it only hesitates at higher speeds Have changed plugs and engine coil What else could it be?

Fuel injector?, wire? manifold leak?

How do you know if the injectors not working on a f350?

Feel the exhaust manifold at each cylinder as it is running, if an injector isn't working the manifold at that cylinder exhaust port won't get hot. Some of those Ford diesels had a problem with the electrical connection where the injector harness passes through the valve covers.

How do you install fuel injectors?

Depends on the car... If you can see the injectors, you'll need to disconnect the wiring harnesses from the injectors... (there is also usually a boot over the injector). You then need to disconnect the injector from the fuel rail. (careful not to strip the little fitting). You can then use a wrench or injector socket to remove the injector. Make sure you replace the gaskets and seals when installing the new injectors. (might need teflon tape around the pipe fitting where the injector feeds from the fuel rail).

94 Taurus 3l no signal to fire injectors?

A malfunctioning fuel injector pump will cause the injectors to not fire properly. The fuel injector pump will need to be replaced.

Injector location in a 2003 6.0L Power stroke?

which injector you looking for? there are 8 injectors in that engine