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Check the linkage connected to the wiper motor and make sure that it is still connected. Look at the unit with the wiper motor running. if the motor shaft is turning and the wipers aren't then your linkage has a broken or missing pin somewhere.

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Q: Your 1996 Elantra wipers stopped moving but motor still makes sound why and how do you fix them?
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Your 1996 elantra wipers stopped moving but the motor still makes sound why and how do you fix it?

your motor is working fine but its your complete wiper mounting ,( the brackets an the moving arm that has to be replaced since it is corroded with rust or if you are in Canada then salt and calcium deposits making it slow to move an eventually to cease causin ur motor to die. I'd change it as soon as possible. I bought mine from scrap in perfect condition for 50 $ cdn.

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