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Sticking thermostat could cause this. If the thermostat is stuck open, it never gives the engine a chance to fully heat the coolant. Follow the top radiator hose to the engine, remove the hose and remove what it hooks to and there's your thermostat.

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Q: Your 1997 SC1 Saturn heater works but does not blow hot enough what could be wrong?
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What is wrong if a 1997 Saturn SC2 heater does not work and it is not the thermostat?

if the blower motor works most likely heater core is bad. need more info

If The thermostat works the heater core is not bad but am using mostly water as your coolant could this be the heater problem no antifreeze?

It could be that your head gasket is blown.

Why is there water coming out under the dash?

the reason for water coming out from under the dash is that a hose could have broke or you have a problem with your heater. your heater works off of the water in the radaitor and since it gets hot from the motor well it serculates threw the heater and that's who your heater works

If the heater quit working about six months ago in a 2000 Taurus but the AC still works great could this be the heater coil?

That or the thermostat.

Why does the 2002 ford explorer keep blowing heater hoses?

could be head gasket problem. does your heater work? might need heater core , clogged up. do compression test. or bypass heater core and see if that works.

What could cause my washer fluid syster to now work on a 1997 Saturn SW2?

If it now works it could be a bad connection to the sprayers.

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You have an 03 Monte Carlo the heater only works when you accelerate what could cause this?

Maybe low coolant level

What do you think could be the problem if your car is leaking radiator fluid but the heat still works?

Eventually heater will stop working when coolant level gets low enough. Pressure test system to determine where leak originates

If the heater works but blows cold air and heater core is good what do i check next?

Get the air out of your heater core.

Heat works at idle but when you drive it turns cold?

if engine seems to be over heating or getting hotter i would change the thermostat its cheap about 10 bucks and not to hard but if its not that than it could be not enough anti-freeze or heater core

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