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I am having the same problem.. I have already had to replace the intake manifold gasket cause it was leaking, still no heat. We will be flushing out the heater core to see if that's the problem. I may have to replace the heater core, we will see.

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2006-11-19 18:14:00
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Q: Your 2000 blazer started blowing out air that was not warm when the heater was on. It started working after about 15 minutes.?
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Why would the heat stop working on 91 Chevy blazer?

Is it blowing cold air only or not blowing any air at all.

How can you repair a power seat in a 1996 Chevy Blazer that suddenly stopped working?

my Chevy blazer power seat on my 1996 Chevy blazer isn't working

Blazer ac is blowing out hot air?

It may have a bad heater core.

Why does your 1996 Blazer Keep blowing the flasher out for the turn signals?

You have a short in the wiring or at one of the bulb assemblies.

What causes 96 blazer turn signal fuse to keep blowing?

There seems to be a short to ground in the wiring somewhere.

What would cause the horh fuse in a 1995 checvy s-10 blazer keep blowing?

It being an American vehicle

Will a bad oil pressure switch cause the ecmb fuse to keep blowing on your 92 s10 blazer 4.3 liter?

NO.. It will not.

Fuel gauge not working on Chevy Blazer?

check ground first

What causes an ECM fuse to keep blowing on a 1987 Chevy Blazer?

The fuel pump is shorting out and that is why the ecm fuse is blowing .Disconnect the the fuel pump and try it again,if the fuse blow's again then it is not the fuel pump.

Why does the fuse keep blowing for the interior power locks and rear hatch on your 2011 chevy blazer?

The Blazer was discontinued from production after the 2005 model year, and was replaced by the TrailBlazer. That being said, you have a short to ground somewhere in the circuit.

Why ZR2 Blazer runs but shuts after about 3sec when jump started?

alternater is shot

Why would the fuses for the heater keep blowing in a 1985 Blazer?

Beause there is probably a short/bad connection in the switch, or the blower motor itself

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