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The "park" switch inside the wiper motor assembly has failed.

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Q: Your 2001 grand prix gt wipers stop in the upright position when turned off what might be the cause remedy?
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How do you replace wiper linkage on 2001 ford ranger?

why is it after I hooked up the linkage for my wipers the wipers stay in the upright position after I turn them off.

How do you fix Wipers park in upright position Oldsmobile Silhouette?

Check the ground strap between the wiper motor and the body.

How do you get wipers on Ford Taurus wagon to return to regular position They are stuck in up position when turned off.?

replace the wiper motor

How can you repair wipers that get stuck in the up position every time they are turned on?

There is a problem with the parking linkage. TAke it to a garage.

Why do the windshield wipers go on and off 1996 Dodge Grand Caravan?

The wiper motor has a switch inside of it. When they are turned off and the wipers go to the down position it trips the switch in the motor that tells the computer they are in the down position. If that switch in the motor is faulty, the wipers are repositioning until the switch is tripped to the off position. THE FIX.... Replace the wiper motor.

Your Pontiac grand prix windshield wipers stay up when turned off how can you fix this?

1997 gran prix wipe stay in upright possission when shut how to fix

Why would the delay wipers stop in the up position but when turned off they park in the down position on a 1997 Chevy Cavalier?

this also is happening to me right now, and 600 dollars later i still have windshield wipers that work perfectly unless in intermittent, in which case they pause upright... Remove the plastic that covers your wiper motor just below the windshield. On the wiper motor there is a small plate held on by screws, remove the plate. You will see two metal tabs, one of which appears bent. Bend it back and reassemble. The problem usually occurs when the wipers are held in place, by ice for instance, and the switch is turned on.

How do you repair wiper arms for 1991 Toyota Camry that are always in upright position?

If windshield wipers are stuck in position and won't move, I would say that the windshield wiper motor needs replacing. This happened to me last year.

Why would the windshield wipers work but stay in the up position when turned off on a 1994 camaro?

The motor shaft and the wipers are'nt connected properly(the timing is off), just disconnect the wipers from the motor. Turn your car on and cycle the motor and it should be back at the home position. Pull your wipers back down and reconnect and all should be fine.Thats if you put in a new wipermotor. If not, maybe the wiper switch is bad.

The windshield wipers on my 2002 Chevy Impala get stuck in the upright position when I turn the wipers off. How do I get it fixed?

Buy a new car. I have had the crank arm replaced(which is suppose to solve the problem) and I'm back at square one with the wipers not working at all now. AND THE DEALERSHIP DID THE REPAIRS!!! I'll get back to everyone if the dealership doesn't make this right.

Why do your windshield wipers stay in the up position in a 97 camaro?

A bad pulse board or window wiper motor can cause your wipers to stay in the "up" position.

Wipers are automatic on a caddy cts they wont cut off even when its not raining?

The windshield wipers are not automatic... the lever that controls the wipers have three positions and you will have to pull the lever down to the off position. The position below off is for mist. If you pull the lever to that position and let it go, the lever will go back to the off position.

Why don't the wipers in your 1991 Dodge Caravan turn off when the switch is in the off position?

Wiper motors have an internal switch that keeps the wipers running after you turn them off. The switch stays active until the wipers get to the "PARK" position and if the drivers wiper switch is off, then the wiper motor is turned off internally. I suspect the internal switch has failed. Unfortunately the switch cannot be easily replaced. Fortunately, wiper motors are not terribly expensive.

Wipers don't return to park position?

Could be for many different reasons. Maybe the sensor for the normal position is defective. The wipers might need a position adjustment, usually can be done by a flat head screw driver.

How do you adjust wipers to stop in the down position on a lumina van?

first remove wiper arms from vehicle next with ignition on, turn wipers on then off. the wiper motor will stop at the down position. replace wiper arms onto shaft ,in the correct down position where you want them. now with ignition on, try wipers again,to check if in the stop position you want them.

How do you you reset the wiper motor on a 2002 Montana the wipers stay in the upright position when shut off?

It is definitely a pin inside the wiper motor that is worn out. I just had mine replaced in my 02 Montana. The pin can be seen by removing the cover from the motor.

How do you get the wipers to return to the horizontal position on a 2002 Chevy Camaro?

It sounds like the wiper motor is malfunctioning. If your camaro has intermitten wipers there is a control module built in the motor that controls the off position.

Wipers stay up?

The car wipers should not stay up but return to their original position. The wipers will stay up if the wiper motor, the wiper controller and the wiper linkage are faulty.

Why won't your windshield wipers go back to their starting position when you turn them off in a 1994 grand marquis?

If wipers stay stright up went turned off, you needs new motor. There are two parts to the motor, one is working and the other is not. Had same problem. new motor fix it

Why would windshield wipers move when the switch isn't turned on?

Many vehicles have a "mist" feature that makes the wipers swipe one time upon startup to remove mist or fog. This normally can be turned off...check manual.

How do you adjust the windshield wipers on a Chevy Impala?

Turn the wipers off, pull the wiper arm off, and replace it in the correct down position.

How do you fix your windshield wipers when they get stuck in an upright position?

the park tab is bent. it is a thick piece of metal that must be bent back slightly toward the wiper motor with a hammer or plyers. I assume this issue started when there was snow/ice on the windshield?

How do you time windshield wipers?

remove the wipers, turn on wiper switch, turn off switch, reinstall wipers @ bottom position torque nuts enough to secure the arm. turn on switch readjust as needed.

Why do your front wipers fail to park?

Wiper motor cogs can wear down and fail to leave the wipers in the lowest position. If the wipers had encountered some resistance they can also slip. It could just be a simple fix.

What if 2001 Monte Carlo windshild wipers work fine they just stop in the upward positon when shut off How do I get them to go back to the stops.?

Remove the wiper arm from the base. Some use a screw, and or, are just pressed on to the Knurled base stud. You can pry it off by lifting up with a flat bladed screwdriver. Make sure that the wipers were turned to the off position, when the engine was turned off. Then with the arm removed, reposition the arm, so that the blade is again resting on the bottom of the windshield, and press the arm back onto the knurled stud. replace screw (if any), and your back in business, with the wipers in the right position, when shut down.