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The Climate switch on this model is a "Resitor Switch" which means the full voltage is setting 4 ... 1-3 reduces the voltage making the blower motor go slower... This seems to be a common problem and the only fix is to rplace the switch... However the run around 125.00... Even though this seems to be a reoccuring problem Dodge does nothing about it except sell you a new switch.... 53K Miles on my 2002 and I am into my 3rd switch now... Don't bother changing the resistor switch because you will rack up too much money in replacing it every 2 months....I have replaced mine 3 x's now at $22.20 a peice from the dealership. The mechanics at Dodge know that this a problem with Stratus' and will tell you to replace the blower and switch, which in time, you will go through this whole process all over again. Chrysler is well aware of the problem and is not willing to do anything about it because of people like us replacing the part a million times & they continue to make money on it. Live with the fact of having heat and a/c on high for the duration of owning this vehichle!

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Q: Your 2002 Dodge Stratus ACHeater blower only works when the fan speed selector is on 4 or High Speed What might be the problem and how do you fix?
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Why does the acheater blower only work on high speed?

either the blower control switch or the blower motoer needs replacing

Why does my 1991 Lincoln Town Car's AC and heater work at either full blast or not at all?

The problem is either the blower motor resistor or the blower speed selector switch.

Your fan in your 2000 Dodge Stratus will only run when it is switched to the highest setting How do you fix that?

I had the exact same problem with a 1999 Dodge Stratus. I replaced the blower motor resistor twice only to find out that the blower motor itself was the problem. I know others with the same type of car, i.e. Dodge Stratus that had this problem. It turns out that Chrysler must have gotten a bad batch of blower motors form some supplier. I went to the junk yard and got another used blower motor and put that in with another resistor (the second one blew out again) and it worked fine!

Why does the ACHeater blower only run on high in your '96 Chevy Cavalier?

Blower motor resistor is bad. It is a little circuit board with resistors on it that changes voltage to the blower motor. When it goes bad, you get full speed only.

2001 Pontiac grand prixfan works on high only for acheater bloweri have already changed resistor for blower and still only works on high?

Blower switch and connection had a melt down.

ACHeater blower on 96 Mark 8 works intermittent sometimes it wont work sometimes it ramps up to speed normally other times its full on all at once loose wire or computer problem?

Sounds like the wire that goes to the blower that is behind the glove box which you would have to remove then pull the wire off and push back on, that's usually the problem.

1998 dodge stratus you replaced the blower motor resistor and your blower motor still works on high only?

replace the blower motor switch

I keep blowing my blower motor resistor on a 99 stratus?

i think it probably because the motor has a ground problem or it has bad brushes and is is drawing to much energy for the resistor

My 2003 dodge ram van 1500 ACheater blower only works on high speed. The other 3 settings don't work. What is the problem and how to fix it?

The blower resistor has probably failed. The connecter also likes to fail. They are located under the hood on the large black plastic housing on the passenger side. There are 4 wires in the connecter.

2003 GMC Envoy and the Blower Selector switch only works on high?

It is the blower resistor. It happened to mine and from what I can tell it is a common problem. Here is a site that helped me it also shows you how to replace it. You can find the part at AM Auto parts.

Where is 1998 stratus blower relay switch?

This is not a complete answer ,butl go to auto they do.

What causes the heater-defrost blower only ro work on high speed on a 1998 Dodge Stratus?

blower motor resistor is burned out

Why has the Heater control assembly in 85 mustang lx has stopped working?

There is a relay switch on the back of the main selector switch. If this part goes bad many times the blower will either work on high only or will not work at all. Replace this blower switch, more than likely this is the problem.

Where is the blower motor resistor located on a 2001 dodge stratus?

Under the dash, on the passenger side.

Why does the AC-Heater blower fan motor on your 2004 dodge stratus only work on high speed?

The blower motor resistor pack is bad.

Why does our dodge stratus heater will not blow hot at lowere RPMs?

The Blower resistor should be tested which is located near the blower motor, the resistor is probably faulty.

How do you troubleshoot heating ac system on 1996 Chevy astro Van that blower does not work and have checked blower motor it is good and have replaced relay resistor what else can it be.?

fuse? switch? Selector?

How do you fix the acheater controls on a 2002 trailblazer 1 2 and 5 dont work only 3 and 4 controls work?

it sounds like you need to replace the blower resister under the glove box

Blower motor blows weak?

it's a problem with the blower motor resistor

On a 1992 town car the floor heat does not work but all other positions on climate control work?

No Blower in Floor Mode A customer arrives with a 1983 to 1995 Full Size Ford, Lincoln, or Mercury automobile with automatic temperature control. If the complaint is no blower operation when the floor mode is selected, the vehicle may have a problem with the thermal blower lockout switch also referred to as the CELO (cold engine lock out switch). The thermal blower lock out switch is located in the heater core intake hose. The two wire switch has a thermal element with a small set of contacts, the contacts are open when the coolant is below 120°F and closed when the coolant is above 120°F. The thermal blower lock out switch also contains a vacuum switch, which applies vacuum to the outside/recirculate valve when the system is in the floor position. When the engine coolant is below 120 degrees and the selector is set to floor position, the thermal blower lock out prevents blower from turning on and closes off the outside air during engine warm-up. When the coolant temperature is above 120 degrees, and the selector is set to the floor position, the thermal blower lock out switch allows the blower to operate and opens the outside air door. In order to diagnose this problem, test the thermal blower lockout switch with the engine at normal operating temperature (above 120°F). Unplug the wire harness connector from the thermal blower lockout switch. Using a 15-amp fused wire, jumper the harness terminals to test the switch. If the blower comes on, the thermal blower lock out switch is faulty. If the blower doesn't come on, look for an open between the control head selector and thermal blower lock out switch. In some cases the blower may continually run even when the engine temperature is below 120 degrees. Unplug the thermal blower lock out switch and if the blower motor turns off, the thermal blower lock out switch is faulty. If the motor continues to run, look for a short to power between the control head selector and thermal blower lock out switch

In a 99 Windstar LX the heater blower is stuck in the windshield position I move the selector but nothing changes how do you fix this problem?

Could be a vacuum leak "defrost" is the default position of the system Check vacuum lines and motors under the dash

2001 Chevy luminia car ac blower only blows on defrost why?

Faulty Function selector switch. Consider replacement.

99 Taurus ac heater blower motor just stopped Fuses are good. Is it likely the Switch or blower motor?

Check to see if you are getting power and ground to the blower motor - if so blower motor is bad. If no power possibly fan switch or selector switch Also check the blower motor resistor, found in heater plenum.

Have replaced the climate control panel twice on a 1999 Jeep Wrangler because the fan speed selector quit working What could the problem be?

It is either your blower motor resistor pulling too much current, or the blower motor itself pulling too much current. The resistor is located underneath the dashboard behind a kick shield. The blower motor is in the enigine compartment, just behind the battery.

My 1992 Saturn has heat until you change the blower speed what is the problem?

My 1992 Saturn has heat until you change the blower speed what is the problem?