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Yes, a bad starter or starter solenoid can be the reason for a car not starting but all the lights coming on. It could be a battery going bad or being drained.

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Q: Your 94 Ford escort lx 1.9l wont start but all the lights on dash and radio come on is your starter out or if not what could be wrong?
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My vehicle doesn't start but i have power for lights and radio could this be my starter?

if the car does a click like it is going to turn OS but wont then yes it is the starter

My car wont start but the radio and lights work what could be the problem?

it depends does the car turn over if not most likely it the starter

My 94 altima won't do anything when i try to start it but everything inside comes on radio lights ext what can it be?

Your starter could be shot

What could be wrong with a 1991 Ford Escort LX 2dr hatch back if the car won't make a sound when you try to start it but the all the lights and radio come on?

Actually, if the battery is bad it will click or turn over very slowly. If all the electronics work and there is no noise, it is the starter. Take a small hammer and tap very lightly on the starter (sometimes there is a label on the starter, aim there). This is only tempary and you will eventually need to replace the unit. i had this same problem with my ford fiesta the lights and radio still worked but it did not make another sound. it just needs a new battery. hope this is helpfull

Your 98 passat wont start you turn the key radio and lights everything is fine but nothing happenstheres no turning jus makes a faint sound What could be the problem?

Some possibilities, could still be the battery, battery connections, starter, starter connections, ignition switch, starter relay and neutral safety switch.

Why would a 2004 Saturn ion not start The head lights radio interior lights work.?

Loose or corroded battery cable? Engine seized? Bad starter? Bad starter solenoid? Bad neutral safety switch?

How can i tell if it's the battery or starter in my 2000 durango?

If you don't have a volt meter, turn on the headlights and radio, if the lights are bright and the radio works then there should be enough power to try and run the starter. With the lights and radio on turn the key,if everything stops,lights dim and raido stops working its the battery. If the lights stay fairly bright and radio works you should hear a clicking from the starter, if there is no clicking or you engine does not try and turn over it is the starter. If you have a volt meter,you can just check the voltage of the batt, it should be over 12.3. You can also jump the car with another car using jumper cables, leave it connected for a few minutes and have someone in the good car bring the engine above idle so it throws a charge. If the bad car does not turn over its the starter.

Your radio and lights come on but your car won't start its a 1991 dodge Dynasty why?

If you are saying that you have reason to believe that the battery is charged, yet the starter won't crank the engine, it could be: starter, Neutral/park lockout switch, Bad electrical connection or Keyswitch.

Why hissing sound occurs in tube lights?

there have interference between T.V. and radio waves . for stopping this resistance is used in starter.

What to do if battery is good and car won't start complete power failing 2001 Chevy cavalier?

It has to be your starter that has the problem. If the lights, radio and horn beep then it's definitely the starter.

What if your car wont start when turning the ignition you hear a clicking sound The radio and lights come on The starter and battery are about 4 years old?

Could be: Seized engine Weak battery loose or corroded battery cables Bad starter solenoid Bad starter Bad neutral or clutch safety switch

Your car will start and the radio and lights come on but it kicks over very slowly any thoughts?


My 2000 Ford Focus Wagon doesnt start but lights radio ac all work?

Loose battery cable? Bad starter? ( checkwires on starter) Bad starter solenoid? Bad Neutral or clutch safety switch?

Your 2002 Chrysler voyager does not start lights and radio works?

it could be a bad chip in the key or the starter. i could almost gaurantee that if you keep trying to turn it on it will start. i know someone with the same problem, and he turns the key over and over and it started.

1992 Chevy Lumina APV wont start lights radio etc does what is wrong?

Your battery is dead and you should probably take it to the repair shop and have them put it in for you. Couldn't it be the starter motor? The lights and radio come on, so there must be some juice and the battery.

My 2000 Chevy Venture has new battery and power lights radio it does not click or turn over so why won't it start?

The Starter, Is Bad.

When lights and radio come on can it be the starter?

I had this happen on an 88 GMC Suburban. Took a while to find it. Turned out to be a ground wire under the dash

Why wont my Dodge ram 3500 start after replacing the batteries Wont turn over no noise no clicking nothing Dash lights up lights radio works?

one word. starter..

Why would a 1995 Monte Carlo not do anything when you turn the ignition switch even though the lights and radio still work?

One of 2 things could be your problem: 1) Bad alternator or 2) Bad starter

Your 99 Saturn wont start The radio and lights come on but there is a screechingclicking sound.. what could this be?

Bad connection at the starter. Bad battery connection Dead battery Dead starter Check the first 3 with a voltmeter and your eyes. Check the start if needed at a local autozone/advanced auto

How do you remove 2003 Ford Escort radio?

pull radio out with coat hanger

1986 Chevy S-10 will not start recently installed a new battery the lights wipers and radio etc are working properly. it was running yesterday but now it wont even turn over what could be the problem?

Sounds like the starter is bad, More precisely, the starter solinoid. Its on the starter unlike A Ford that has it on the inner fender.

2005 jeep Cherokee wont start the lights radio and fan work just clicks took the relay switch for the starter out put it back in and it started next day it did it again what could it be?

battery needs charged or replaced. not to detract from the other guys answer, but you could also be experiencing a poor connection coming from the starter terminals or possibly have a faulty relay.

Why won't a 1998 Cadillac Catera start after I have driven it?

The head lights, radio, and eveything else works, but the car will not start. I checked the starter and it was good. The battery is good, but whatever it is causes the battery to have a low charge. Could it be the alternator

What is wrong with the car when it won't turn on but all the lights inside the car and the radio come on but the head lights won't?

Maybe you have a problem with your car's battery. If your battery's dead, your interior lights and radio wont turn on. So if you wait for a while and your radio wont turn on, then probably the problem is with the battery. If it is, than you should check the your battery fluid. If its not the battery, maybe there is something wrong with your starter motor.