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My pathfinder did the same thing, I changed the belt and sprayed wd40 and nothing helped. Then I changed the idler pulley and all noises stopped, the pulley was going bad but it did not feel bad, only the squeak told me.

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Your 98 Honda Passport wont start up why?

There could be many reasons as to why this car will not start up. The battery could be drained, the starter, starter solenoid or alternator could be going bad, or there could be an issue within the fuel system.

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1994 prism geo has squeaky noise when you start it up?

You did not define "squeaky" but if there is a shrill noise when you startup or accelerate under engine load then it could be your serpentine belts slipping. Take a look at the 3 belts and see if they are glazed (shiny). If so then it is best to replace them.

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dead battery or bad starter or bad starter silanoid

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if the belts turn but engine doesn't, try tightening the belts(pulleys)

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