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Your ABS light is on and i got good brakes?

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This is usually due to a speed sensor at one of the wheels. Your dealer will need to diagnois this.Generally not a safety concern but have it checked to be sure.

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Soft brakes on 1996 Chevy truck makes stopping difficult also abs light on for approx 1 year now and Brake light also on Bled brakes and brake pads are good Is it the master cylinder or ABS?

ABS I took out the fuse under hood till I got mine fixed. I replaced the hub that had the sensor in it and have not had a problem. The fuse just disables antilock feature.

How do you change brake pads on a car with ABS?

When pushing piston back in on ABS, Fluid must be bled off, rather than pushing fluid back thru system in non ABS systems. Dirty fluid pushed back thru Abs system will probably cost you $1500 - 2K. Light will probably be on. You'll have brakes, but ABS light may indicate U have no ABS. I have changed brakes on ABS systems for years and never opened the bleeder to push the piston back in and have never got a ABS light by doing it this way.

Abs light on in your subaru how much to fix it?

got a sti jap import the abs light is on what do i look for to sort it

How do you bleed a crown vic 1996 abs brakes?

If no air got into the abs hcu then bleeding the brakes is done just as it would be on other vehicles. If air did get into the hcu or if you disconnected any brake like at the master cylinder or hcu then you will need to take it to a ford dealership to have them bleed the hcu and brakes for you.

How can I got my Chrysler pacifica 2006 ABS light to go off?

The failure that the ABS computer detected needs to be repaired.

When a car is driving on a icy road describe what happens when you use the brakes?

If it is an older car without ABS the brakes would lock up and the car would slide/push/unable to steer, unless you got on/off the brakes. With ABS the computer would pulse the brakes and would prevent lock up so you would be able to steer.

What does ABS light means on a 1997 Chevy cavaliers?

abs stands for antilock brake system. If the light is on, you have probably got a problem with one of your wheel speed sensors.

Should the abs light be on in a 96 Chevy s-10 constantly or not. Just got this vehicle and every time I start the engine the light comes on and stays?

The light should not stay on. The light is staying on because there is a problem with the ABS system. As long as the light is on the ABS system is not functioning. You need to have it checked out if you expect the ABS system to work when you need it.

How do you find out if the 1988 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme have abs brakes?

ive got three ways that might help 1) see if it says abs on the brake pedal 2) check the owner's manual 3) find something that you can slide on such as ice snow or maybe gravel (not sure where you live) and slam the brakes if they lock up then you dont have abs.

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Why would your ABS light and Check engine light remain on?

on QX4 1997 i got on begining check engine and ABS after i replaced alternator and the battery light goes off and after couple days that come back, i suspected electrical problems

Where are your abs?

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Why is your anti lock brake light on?

Because I've got aftermarket calipers & they aren't abs compatable

Why would a 1995 Ford Thunderbird shake in the front every so often and the ABS light come on sometimes?

Hey Leigh==If it shakes when wyou applly the brakes, the front rotors or rear drums are warped and need to be turned. This can also cause the ABS light to come on . Good luckJoe I had this problem with my car and my dad got a hold of it and looked at the trans as it was having problems. He tightened the tail shaft and it hasn't done it since. I don't know if you have fixed your problem, but maybe that will help, I don't know. Good Luck Kenneth

How do you get good abs with out diet and pills?

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How do you put new brakes on 1999 Dodge Durango?

no offense intended but you dont if you dont know how just have a mechanic do it, you dont want to have your brakes fail because you got air in the calipers, or if you ruin your abs unit believe me just have it done proffesionally

If brake warning light comes on how many miles have you got before they need changing?

There could be a number of reasons for that light to come on. My suggestion would be to have the vehicle checked over by a mechanic NOW. Good brakes are a number one priority!

You got a 95 blazer replased a brake line on the back now the abs light is on and you got a real hard brake pedel what can you do to fix it?

check the vaccumm hose coming from behind your master cyilder there you will find a brake booster that the master cyilder is bolted to and there should be a vaccumm line going to your engine make sure its all hooked up no that would not cause the abs light to come on. If it had a vaccumm leak it would miss. but it runs mine i just blown a brake line and fixed it and the abs light is on and its got a real stiff peadel

Your abs and brake warning lights come on while driving got brakes checked they ok what is problem and how can you fix?

you could have grease,dirt, ect. anything on your abs wheel sensor. take the tires off and clean them. If that does not work then you need to replace the bad part. Hope i could help

Why do the brakes still occasionally fail on my 2002 Chevy Silverado even after having the master cylinder replaced?

It has to do with the ABS most likely mine would engage or slip when coming to a stop.I replaced the hub that has the sensor on it and have not had a problem since.I took out my ABS fuse under the hood till I got it fixed. Just disables the anti lock part of the brakes. I thought it was safer then rear ending someone.

On a 97 dodge avenger you just got a warning light its a red exclimation mark with a circle around it and brackets around the circle what is it?


What is wrong if the ABS TC and brake warning lights are all on but the car runs just fine?

The abs light wll come on if there is a fault with your abs system. It does not necessarily mean you have serious problems, although at some point it might be. Since you have one abs sensor on each wheel it could be that one of them went bad, another thing is your abs pump or that you got air in the brake lines. Hope this helps.

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1999 dodge ram van the ABS Brake and the Check Engine light came on and the speedometer and odometer just quit working what could this be the van still runs fine and i just had the brakes serviced?

First check the fuse in the fuse box ,gauges,find a bad one replace .otherwise the ABS light could be bad jumper wire passenger side rear that goes to the differential or that Your sensor is bad on the rear diferential.If this sensor is bad it will make the ABS light come on and speedo not work right and make it run bad.It could be a matter of pluging it back in if it got disconnected when being serviced. Reccomend that you have it checked for codes because the van could have sensors in the front too.

Why do new brakes smoke on Ford Focus 2002?

The calipers are stuck, or they are cheap brakes, or somebody got oil or grease on the brakes and disks.