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Your TL 2000 is dead suddenly Check battery is 12V OK Headlight not come on no powder Fuse burn which one why?

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Answered 2006-08-15 13:41:34

could be an ignition switch, also, just because a battery reads 12 volts, doesn't necessarily mean it has the AMPS to do the job.... a bad battery can still read 12VOLTS... good luck :)

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Why would the Headlights suddenly go out when driving 1997 Chevy blazer?

Check the headlight switch, if not it's probably a fusible link in the headlight circuit.

1999 dodge ram diesel suddenly all lights quit working?

Check fuses and the headlight switch.

What are the correct headlight relay for Ford Falcon?

Look at your realys next to your battery and check them all

Why do the headlights on a 1983 Chevy truck stay on no matter what?

even if you disconnect the battery the headlights stay on????????????? check the headlight switch

Headlamp will not turn on it is a 1995 Jeep Cherokee?

Use a wire tester and check everything from the light switch to the headlight assembly. If there's no voltage at te headlight switch, then trace it all the way to the battery.

Where is the headlight relay switch located in 2002 Saturn l200?

Check the fuse/relay panel box adjacent to the battery, under the hood.

1995 corolla suddenly went dead won't start no instrument lights jumping didn't work Is it just a dead battery or something worse?

That's what I would check first. If the battery checks good, make sure battery cables are tight. Also check the fuse.

Why your jeep went dead tried to start then went dead nothing since?

Check your battery terminals, when it has enough power to run the starter, then suddenly not its probably a loose or corroded battery connection.

Why did the horn suddenly go off in the middle of the night on a 1994 jeep grand Cherokee?

Check battery if low could trigger alarm.

2002 jetta 18t wagon left headlight goes out bulb is fine clip was burned out replaced whole assembly worked for a week went out again what should i do?

Check to see if your battery is secure. in my jetta the battery kept sliding forward and smacking my left headlight because it was not tightened down

Why VW lupo's battery suddenly gone flat when decelerate to stop at normal speed?

The battery was week and stopped recharging. Check the date of the battery! The batt feeds some electricals directly...Flat batt could stop engine from running.

When testing a 1992 Fire bird headlight motors from the battery and they work but there is no power coming from the wiring harness and one checked the fuse box and nothing wrong where to check next?

Most electrical components also use a relay so check for one, then check the headlight switch itself. The switch will tell the motors to activate via the relay.

What should i do if i changed headlight bulbs but the light are still very dim and pointed strange in a 2000 Toyota celica?

realign the head lights, check battery termninals

What if your 1991 arctic cat prowler 440 keeps blowing headlights and you put a new regulator on it and it blew the headlight again within 20 miles?

check your battery if the battery is not working properly then the engine will send the power from the alternator straight to the headlights and other electronics one way to test this is if your lights dim when you are in idle and get bright when you are reving BTW i would recomend carrying a flashling in case of this happenig in the middle of a forest lol. if not the battery check the headlight wires and the bulb used

What could cause your 2002 s-10 to suddenly stop then have no electrical power anywhere?

For starts CHECK FOR bad connections on the battery or alternator, check the ground connection also, check for master fuse link if any, bad alternator that drained the battery to it's last drop of power. check for shortage in any wires, check for fuses, relay. GOOD LUCK:-)

When you turn your light on the battery meter goes low on your ford F150 what should you check you have a new alt and voltage and battery is charging?

check for proper grounding, bad wiring. Check voltage with a voltmeter in different places to see where you are losing it. Alternator, battery, at the headlight connection, fuse box & relay (if applicable). could also be caused by belt slippage, or lights with a higher wattage than recommended.

How do you check the remaining charge on a battery?

You can check battery life with a voltmeter.

2001 Oldsmobile Aurora you replaced the battery about a month ago When you went to start car this morning lights came on when key was turned to start and then suddenly everything went dead?

check your battery connectins. you could have a bad ground

How do you check the battery when the engine does not start?

check voltage of battery with multymeter,check water leval, specific gravitycheck if battery is too hot while cranking

When was Battery Check created?

Battery Check was created on 2003-07-03.

Why does the lights on a 1991 Ford Thunderbird turn off when the bright lights are turned on and come back on when brights are turned off?

Check all your grounds. Battery to block and your headlight sockets.

When a battery won't jump what else to check?

If the battery is stone dead it won't take a jump. If the battery has some life in it check for dirty or loose battery connections. If the battery and connections check okay it could be a bad starter.

Why would an 2004 Expedition with 52000 miles suddenly intermittently have trouble turning over when starting?

Dead battery if it is having trouble turning over or the starter motor is going out. Check the battery cables and ground straps at both ends for corossion

Why are your lights not working on eb Ford Falcon gl wagon is it a relay problem?

headlight relays (nxt to battery) or the actual switch in the car ...check you have 12v at the red wire behind the switch...could even be the switchable relay the headlight wires run to with a purple an white wire

1999 tracker 4x4 2.0l Drivers side headlight works but dim?

check the ground wire to that headlight .