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Have an electrician check the wiring that goes to the brake lights in the trunk of the car.


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check the brakelight switch. it is located under the dash where the brake pedal rests. Hey its ritchie. If you can click your blinker down and then they work its you blinker switch,but this is my monte.

The blinker relay is broken. It is located inside the hazard switch. Replace the switch and it will fix your problem.

Hi, Is your blinker actually flashing on and off? If not it may be your hazard switch. I had to replace mine.

It is integrated into the hazard switch on the dashboard

When you say blinker I assume you mean the trafficator/Hazard light?? If so then it is actually the Hazard switch which is located on the panel by the gear lever.

my daughters 1991 miusbishi montero has no break lights , turn signals or hasard lights . All tail lights and front markers are working. All fuses are cking good and all bulbs are good..Is my blinker switch bad ? capri

its the hazard switch, its all one unit

Is the hazard lights button not on top of the steering column ? The switch for the hazard lights on my 1995 Ford Explorer is part of the multi functin switch ( turn signals etc. )

Your problem very well could be the hazard switch. i have a 1994 honda civic too i found whenever i disconnected the hazard switch from the wiring harness my turn signals brake lights and of course hazards do not work. Maybe replace the hazard switch..

probably your blinker switch (multi-accessory switch). The high mount brake light is wired directly from the switch on the pedal but the rear two lights are wired through the pedal switch and then through the the blinker switch on the steering column. Almost all of those blinker switches go bad.

blinker switch is under the cover of your steering wheel in fromt of the dash. if you are having problems with your blinker blinking , then it is the blinker and hazard mobule located in dash. this is the hazard button also . which i mean the hazard switch on dash is part of blinker module and must be replaced all together. also to let you know that's what was wromg with my 200l impala ls. it cost approx 43.00 dollars for the module at dealer as no parts shop carried them. it was a stocked item so they are probably going bad on the cars. as info: they are also quiter then the stock blinker which i like because the original was to loud. hope this helps.

where is hazard light switch on toyota corolla

Remove the wiring harness from the back of your 1997 Ford Crown Victoria hazard lights switch. Remove the hazard light switch retaining screws. Reverse the process to install your new hazard light switch.

Nonfunctional Brake LightsOne possible cause of this issue is that the brake light switch is not adjusted properly, or the switch could be defective.

I have the exact same year, model etc. The high beam doesn't have a switch.. You pull the blinker switch towards you. That is how high beams work on this car. The slider bar located near the lights dims and brightens the dash board lights.

It needs checked out but both the hazard and brake lights go through the turn signal switch.

your problem could be in the switch its self. unfortunetly they are expensive to replace, i had to actually wire a switch direct to the blinker system.

The switch is located on top of the steering column.

The button for the hazard lights is on top of the steering wheel column , the switch is part of the multi-function switch inside the steering column cover

simply depress the hazard light switch on top of the steering column. if the switch does not turn on hazard lights the switch may need to be replaced. this is common with this body platform. Be aware that the turn signal and hazard switch are all one part. it is not a difficult task to change, but remember that you will need some expertise for dealing with the air bags and steering wheel removal

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