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Your brake fluid is leaking all the time and you have to floor the brake to stop you want to know how to fix the leak on your 93 Chevy corsica?

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January 03, 2010 3:28AM


first of all...don't drive it on the road.

i have a '93 corsica as well; i have had to replace the front brake line components and one rear. in the front, the brake line part that goes from the calipers to the steel brake-line connection often rott out and leak as mine did.

they should be replaced even if that isn't the leak on a car this old. as the previous responder said...pump the brakes several times with the master cylinder full and look where the fluid is coming from.

the one good thing about brakes is they are very easy to diagnose the problem especially on a car this old. if it's a metal part of the brake-line that is leaking i recommend having a mechanic replace it.

mine has 170,000 on it and runs fantastic so it's worth it.