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If you mean limited slip, and when you do a burn out and only one is spinning that is normal

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Q: Your car is a slip 2 wheel drive but only 1 wheel drive works what is the problem and how do you fix it?
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Does the Chrysler PT Cruiser come as a 4 wheel drive?

No, front wheel drive only.No, front wheel drive only.

Is the spare tire on a 2006 dodge caravan full size?

Only if it is all wheel drive. The front wheel drive vans have the "donut" spare.

What does it mean when you are driving and the rear wheel is not turning?

If only one wheel is not turning, this would indicate a serious problem with that wheel. Depending on if it was a driven wheel or not, it could be a problem with the brake, the bearing, the differential or driveshaft. Continuing to drive will likely cause damage to tyre, wheel, suspension or drive. It is also likely to have severe effects on the vehicles handling.

Are some vehicles only 4 wheel drive?

Yes, some vehicles are only four wheel drive.

Is a 4x2 truck front or rear wheel drive?

It is rear wheel drive only.

Does dodge charger have all wheel drive?

no the charger is only rear wheel drive

Is the 2003 Chrysler Sebring all wheel drive?

No, only available in front wheel drive.

Did a 1975 Pontiac fire bird have 4 wheel drive?

no , rear wheel drive only

Is a 2008 Chrysler Sebring available in all wheel drive?

No, front wheel drive only.

Is dodge challenger front wheel drive?

No, the dodge challenger is a rear wheel drive only.

Can you drive a 1993 wagoneer without the rear drive shaft?

If 4wd you can in an emergency only. The vehicle will be very hard to control as a front wheel drive only.If 4wd you can in an emergency only. The vehicle will be very hard to control as a front wheel drive only.

Does the Hyundai genesis have all wheel drive?

No, Hyundai's web site only shows RWD(rear wheel drive) only.

Is a 1999 Toyota 4runner rear wheel or front wheel drive?

4 runner means four wheel drive. If the 4runner is only two wheel drive or the 4 wheel drive is not engaged, the rear wheels power the vehicle.

Is there a difference in a Rear wheel drive and front wheel drive engine block?

No, Only The transmission is different.

Does Kia Soul have front wheel drive?

The Kia Soul is a front-wheel drive only model.

Is a GMC Jimmy Front wheel drive or rear wheel drive?

The GMC Jimmy is rear wheel drive. The only time the front wheels pulled is if it was a 4x4.

Is a 97 Honda Civic front wheel drive or rear wheel drive?

It would be a front wheel drive car... the only 'car' from Honda that i know of that's rear wheel drive would be the s2000 and the NSX... a shame

What is the difference between front wheel drive and two wheel drive?

A front wheel drive vehicle is only driven with the front wheels. It will have a transmission in the front with drive lines attached. A two wheel drive vehicle is any vehicle that is only driven by two wheels. It can be a front or rear wheel vehicle. For instance. My dodge ram 1500 v6 is two wheel drive from the rear. An Oldsmobile cutlas cirea is two wheel drive but in the front. I hope this helped. Derek

What transmission will fit your 1996 Tahoe?

The ONLY 2 years that will work is 96 and 97 4L60E transmission. If it is a 4-wheel drive then it must be a 4-wheel drive transmission. If it is a 2-wheel drive then it must be a 2-wheel drive transmission. 2 wheel and 4 wheel drive transmissions will not interchange.

Is the 1995 Oldsmobile Aurora front wheel drive?

yes, all auroras are front wheel drive only

Is the Focus rs mk1 4 wheel drive?

no its front wheel only

What is the difference between an AWD and 4MATIC?

4matic means all wheels are always running awd works only you put it on ALL WHEEL DRIVE

Is your 93 dodge dynasty front or rear wheel drive?


Is a 1998 z71 transmission compatible for a 1995 four wheel drive Tahoe?

ONLY if the 98 is a 4-wheel drive.

Does the BMW z4 sdrive35i have front wheel drive?

No. The BMW E89 Z4 sDrive35i is rear wheel driveonly.