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An internet forum is NOT a good place to second guess your B/K attorney. Yes it is true

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Q: Your car was repossessed because you was unable to make full payments. your bankruptcy lawyer said the terms of your bankruptcy discharge relieves you of that debt. Is this true?
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Do chapter 7 bankruptcy relieves you of a mortgage in a divorce but the spouse stills lives in the home?

Yes it does- if spouse wants to live at the house then he/she must continue to make the payments.

What happens when you file bankruptcy on your house?

I assume that you live in the United States... Don't think that you can "pick and choose" debts to include in your bankruptcy case. A lot of lawyers get this wrong. When you file bankruptcy, all your debts must be listed...under penalty of perjury. A Chapter 13 bankruptcy allows you to keep your house, cure your missed mortgage payments, and resume your future mortgage payments. You must have sufficient income to get a Chapter 13 plan confirmed by the court. In Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you don't have to give-up the equity in your house (as long as the home equity doesn't exceed applicable dollar-limits, and the house otherwise qualifies as your "homestead" under applicable law). The discharge order relieves you of your personal liability for the mortgage loan (as long as you don't sign a reaffirmation agreement). The mortgage lien survives the case. Chapter 7 can temporarily delay foreclosure, but it doesn't help you cure past-due mortgage payments if you are trying to save your house.

What are the rights of a cosigner when the primary filed bankruptcy then didnt pay the bankruptcy so the bankruptcy was dismissed?

As a cosigner, you are not at all protected if the primary signer files for bankruptcy. In many cases, filing for bankruptcy relieves the primary signer on the loan from his obligations towards the loan, at which point the lender will turn to the cosigner for payment. You'll either have to pay the loan or file for your own bankruptcy (if necessary).Unfortunately, you're stuck with the loan regardless of whether or not the primary signer successfully completes his bankruptcy filling. You may want to contact a bankruptcy lawyer for some additional advice or assistance.

Why can a trustee take your income tax return if you are filing a chapter 7 bankruptcy which relieves you of your debt and does the trustee give the money to the creditors?

The trustee may take the refund and distribute it to creditors because a tax refund is not considered an exempted asset under bankruptcy laws.

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