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I've got an 87 CRX and had the same problem. It started by just dying on the road, but would start back up. The problem got worse until eventually it just cranked over and over but did not start. I went nuts checking all the obvious...coil, distributor, fuel pump. Somebody told me on some CRX models there is a fuel cutoff valve in the event of a wreck. I don't have one on mine but you may have one bad on yours. I eventually tracked my problem down to the ignition switch. It provide power to the starter for cranking, but as soon as the key was released, it lost electrical contact. Hope some of this helps. Good luck.

xxboixx : Just try jump starting it.

If your car is a Saturn or any orther gm it could eb your bcm(body control module) it is a stupid thing gm put in their vehicles to completely control everything electronic if it fails your car can just die while running if you have power windows and locks the would start going crazy your trunk could open if if iss electric and it can make your car seem like it has a completely dead battery even if it if fully charged. if it is a Saturn the module in in the dash behind the stereo but even if you change it yourslef you have to go to the dealer to get it programed abotu $500 job

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Q: Your car wont start and it loses power and shuts off after getting a jump start?
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Your 1998 Pontiac Bonneville shuts off while driving. it will start back up and a few minutes later it does it again. it loses all power what could be the problem?

the battery is flat or its to old

How do you get your computer to start when it says system shutdown?

Hold the power button until it shuts down and then when it has, wait about five minutes. After that, press the power button to start it back up again.

How do you know when the alternator goes out?

If you are driving in the daytime, your car will loose power and then turn off. If you try to start it, it will not even crank. That's because once the alternator broke down, the engine was now using the power of the battery to run. And since the battery is not getting charged by the alternator, then the battery runs out of power and everything electrical in the car shuts down. If you are driving at night, your head lights will dim a lot and then your car shuts down. Try to start it and it won't even crank.

Why does your truck lose power and then shuts off but will start again but has spark coming from the motor?

most likely the coil housing is cracked or distributor cap

1990 Toyota Camry loses power after driving several miles after sitting it will start and repeat the above what could be the problem?

The # one problem with today's cars is fuel pumps ; this sounds like one.As the pump gets warm,it loses power. Do have it checked out.

How come your ford escape car starter shuts off when you open the door?

If this is the remote start system, it shuts down the engine for security.

What is wrong with a 2004 envoy if you are driving down the road then all the sudden the lights on the dash start flashing and you can't give it gas and it totally shuts down and now it won't crank?

There is a recall on 2004 envoy and also it may be that a fuse is not getting direct supply of power.

With the key in the 'accessories' position it has power. When the key is moved to the start position the car loses power completely. Any suggestions?

When the key is in the "start" position all accesssories are designed to be "locked out" to concentrate all the available power to the starting circuit. How about the "on" position - do accessories have power at that position? - if not could be a bad ignition switch

What happens when power supply is weak?

Your system will probably won't even start. randomly shuts down. May cause failure to your system.

1987 454 kawasaki motorcycle shuts off while riding onhte highway will not start until it has set a while?

I had this problem your ingectors are getting hot, it is one that is bad or all

Why does a 87 pathfinder start then shuts off it runs rough when it shuts off rpm needle is erractic?

Sounds like an electrical problem - maybe coil

What is wrong if your car engine shuts off as soon as you start it?

1991 mitsubishi eclipse 2.0L starts 2 to 3 seconds later shuts off

When i start my dodge caravan it shakes when put in gear it shuts off?

is the transmiton

Why does a 97 grand am 24L start then shuts down replaced fuel filter and tps and still does the same starts then shuts down?

try checking your catalyctic converter

Why does Chevy Camaro have power but will not start?

make sure it's getting fuel and make sure it's getting spark to the plugs.

1993 Subaru loses power when it gets to 45 mph or higher then will not start the next day?

I would suspect you have a very weak fuel pump. Have it tested.

What causes my 1999 Pontiac bonnevlle to start then shuts off?

anti theft going out

Why does my 2000 4.0 RR shuts down after 10 minutes of idling and will not start for 2 hours?

Could be the fuel filter is completely clogged. Does it shuts down faster when revving the engine?

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No, your kidneys can't start back because when it shuts down means it stopped and that you have to replace it but it can't start back

Your 97 Plymouth Breeze wont start the battery is new how do you get it to start again?

If the lights in the car come on, then at least part of the system is getting power. Check the battery connections again. Then check the starter solenoid and starter to insure that they are getting power and are working properly.

Jeep ignition 1990 Cherokee Pioneer when starts runs strong it takes from 1 crank to 100 times to start it it shuts off randomly I replaced ignition cylinder and ignition switch won't start why?

Check to see if you are getting spark (coil) and fuel

What is the function of the power management in a smartphone?

Power management - is designed to reduce the amount of drain on your phone's battery (and thus extend the time between charges). The function simply shuts down apps and programs that are rarely used (you can still manually start them if needed).

What is the problem with your 1998 Jeep when it just stalls and start up again?

It can be a number of things. You need to start from scratch and eliminate things. Start with the basics- fuel and power. Make sure it is getting fuel and make sure it is getting spark.

Why do your dash lights flicker and your engine shuts off on your 1999 Chevy Suburban when driving?

Alternator is most likely going bad. Does your car start right back up after this happens? If your alternator is bad your car is trying to run on pure battery power and getting zero if little charge from your alternator. When this happens little by little your car will run out of power to everything and in turn shut off.

Why does 99' Pontiac firebird start but when shifting gears it shuts down why?

You don't know how to shift