Your ford's oil light stays on when you drive it and you checked the oil but the oil is fine what is the problem?

If it's a low oil light, then the oil level sensor in the oil pan is bad or disconnected. If it's a low oil pressure light, then the oil pressure sensor is bad. It will be located on the either side of the block, and usually in between the oil pan and the cylinder head. I had the same thing happen to me and I blew up my engine. Even if your oil level is okay, the light indicates that your engine is not getting enough oil. I would not drive the car if I were you. Here's what happened to me.. My light was turning on and off for a few days. Although my oil light was on, my oil level was fine and I couldn't see any leaks or problems. After two days of this, I was driving along and the oil light came on again. I just kept going. This proved to be a mistake is the engine finally ran dry on me (even though the oil level was full). What I didn't know was that some sludge had broken loose in my oil pan and it plugged up the oil pump. Apparently, when I would shut off the car, the sludge would fall back into the oil pan. The next time I started the car, the oil light would be off. Learn from my experience and have your car checked by a mechanic.