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"Your new car had a problem with the trunk latch and has been back to the dealer twice for repairs and still is not fixed can you make them take the car back?" This is such a minor problem, they should be able to fix it! Or replace it! The part that is. If you like the car, it doesn't make sence to try and get them to take car back for a faulty trunk latch. Check the laws in your state, for a "Lemon Law" They have so many chances to fix the problem, if they can't fix/repair or replace within alotted warranty time, then they might have to replace car. Make sure you check "Your State Laws" Keep good records of every attempt at the repair, get a slip showing that it was in for that problem, with the times and dates clearly marked on service slip. If they don't get it fixed or your not satisfied with it, and they won't deal with you any other way. Then you will have to notify your Attorney General, and/or Better Business Bureau, and possibly file a complaint with the local Police Dept in the same City/Town as Dealer is in. Good luck, PS: Another possiblity is to just repair it yourself or have a friend with mechanical no-how do it, if the cost of parts are involved, and you have service slips showing it was at dealer numerous times, then bring old part to dealer and ask them for reimbursement, this isn't a gaurentee for them to pay for parts, but it would be worth a try, some dealers are civil, and others just don't give a darn. Your a small fish, in a big lake to them. Just don't buy from them again, and never give a good word to anyone about them either. Dealers don't like bad reps', They want and need business. Again, Check you local/state laws, they vary all over. You could be intitled to your state laws, plus the laws of state the dealer is in, if it's different from yours.

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Q: Your new car had a problem with the trunk latch and has been back to the dealer twice for repairs and still is not fixed can you make them take the car back?
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Is there any recall for plymouth chrysler 1999 problem to release latch for spare wheel?

I can not find any, if you call your local dealer they will do a VIN specific search.

If the trunk latch on a 1995 Seville STS catches and locks but does not pull down leaving a gap can it be fixed cheaply or replaced with a simple latch that does not have the mechanical pull down?

I just had the same problem, i had to take the mechanism apart and adust the latch so trunk will close tight. took 3 attemps to get it set correctly (about one hours work).

How do you open broken hood latch on 2002 Volkswagen Golf?

take it to your dealer or a garage

How do you repair Chrysler Town and Country power liftgate?

try fuse first, if that fails you need a new motor It will be worth the cost to have the dealer check the system for codes. The problem could be with the latch or motor.

Passenger door latch is stuck closed and the passenger door will not close How can you fix this problem?

you just have to push up on the latch

2001 Dodge Stratus trunk won't latch shut How do I temporarily defuse the deck light until my trunk is fixed?

Unplug the wires going to the trunk latch.

Latch lock on 2004 Endeavor won't open from outside only inside release?

I had a similar problem. My latch on my 20004 endeavor would not stay shut and as I drove along, it would keep popping open. Turned out the sensors just needed to be adjusted. Take it to the dealer, takes five minutes.

Why does my 2001 Jeep Liberty rear hatch window will not close?

they dont make 2001 liberty's, 2002 was the first year. You need a new latch from the dealer. they dont make 2001 liberty's, 2002 was the first year. You need a new latch from the dealer.

How do you fix the sensor for the backdoor hatch on a 2002 Honda CRV - mine thinks the door is open but it's not and it no longer let's you use the remote to lock the car because of it?

The problem may be either the sensor or the mechanical latch. Test the sensor by opening the door and pushing the latch all the way closed with a screwdiver. If the sensor now turns the light off, the problem is mechanical. The latch loop of metal may have screws to loosen it, then position it so it more fully pushes the latching mechanism closed. That fixed my 2007 CRV with the same problem.

How do you repair a broken hood release?

depends on the problem, it could be the hood release cable, or the latch. latch is very simple, the cable is also simple, just more of a routing problem.

How do you replace a hood latch on a SATURN?

If the hood latch in your vehicle isn't working properly, you may have a hard time opening or closing your hood. If it doesn't stay closed properly, this can be a safety issue and needs to be fixed immediately. The hood latch can be easily replaced with a new latch by using a wrench.

Can you replace a broken latch that holds the convertible top down tight in the front by the windshield?

Yes it can, very easy to do, have to order a new latch from the dealer, just tell them it's the latch that locks the top down, and which side it's on. Hope this helps.

Why won't the lever to open the hood of a 1996 Neon come down?

Answerthe latch under the hood goes UP not DOWN :) I had a problem with my hood latch not fully closing. The horizontal spring behind the latch had disengaged. I reattached it using needle nose pliers and problem solved.

The hood latch on your 98 vw beetle broke - where can you get a replacement?

your local junkyard or try a dealer

Where do you find a glove box latch replacement for a Chevy venture?

I would check a salvage yard. Or a dealer.

Repair 2002 Sequoia rear door latch?

You need to removed the plastic cover on the inside and manually un-lock the latch. There is no easy way. The dealer want $270 to $290 if they do it.

How do you replace left backdoor latches on 1999 Ford E150 when the door will not open?

the cables are broke..Ihave the same problem,dealer want 425$ for latch handles(everything inside door)...check your local u-pullit

Why is your door alarm constant on your 96 mark viii?

do you mean door ajar message? Open both doors and spray WD40 in door latch. Then open and close doors many times. This fixed my problem. Hope this helps.

How do you repair a door latch assembly for a Dodge Caravan?

Sorry I don't know but go to a dodge dealer and they'l do it for you!

A latch for a DVD player screen in a Chevrolet uplander?

wejust had our dealer put a new clip onour uplander

How do i keep my dryer door from opening during a cycle?

My husband fixed ours with a window latch, it cost 3 dollars, he put it by the door handle, the swivel part on the door and the latch part on the dryer. When you close the door you latch it shut. It has never opened again. So nice.

Honda Odyssey alarm problem?

If a Honda Odyssey has an alarm problem, simply pull the hood release latch and locate the hood latch lock in the center of the Honda, in front of the radiator. Locate the wiring harness next to the hood latch on the right side and pull up on the locking tab in the center of the harness and unplug it.

How do you fix a car trunk lock that seems to have shifted upward?

I don't know if this is the problem you are having, but if your trunk won't latch properly because the latch won't reach the U-shaped hook it latches onto, it may be that it is the hook rather than the latch that has moved. I had this problem with my car. The hook, which is connected to the car with two screws, had moved down over time so that the latch would no longer reach it. Even though the latch was working fine, the trunk wouldn't close because there was too much distance between the latch and the hook. I solved the problem on my car by simply loosening the screws on the hook, sliding the hook up and retightening the screws. .

The hood latch on my 1997 ford f150 will not stay latched Won't lock into place I just popped the hood but noticed it was a little hard to pop Is the cable broken or do I need to replace the latch?

I have had the same problem with my F-150. I just removed the lock mechanism. It is fairly easy, just 2 bolts. The cable was fine, it is just the locking mechanism is broken and will not stay locked. Try you Ford dealer or a local salvage yard to replace the latch.

Where might be the problem on your 1996 explorer interior light it wont turn off?

If the switch is concealed in the door latch--(common problem) Spray door latch liberally with WD40 open and close door many times--then spray with silicone should solve problem If not in door latch- could be faulty light switch or wire grounding somewhere in door switch remove, replace and check wiring