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first you need to find out if its leaking from a hose , fittings or even the pump

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Q: Your power steering on your 94 civic is leaking and you fill it every 2-4 days is this something you can fix?
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Bought 1994 Ford Ranger the power steering pump had just been replaced but power steering fluid is leaking you have to top it off every 2-3 days?

check your gear box

Where are the gaskets located on a 1988 Jeep Cherokee?

Every mating surface where there is a possibility of something leaking out.

Every time you put power steering fluid in your car it leaks out?

it may be a loose or corroded hose.look under your car. == It may be leaking from your steering rack into the boots, from your pump seals but most probably from your hoses...

How much oil is leaking in gulf every day?

42,000 gallons of oil leaking in Gulf every day

Will a 96 Honda Civic bumper fit on a 98 Honda Civic?

yes it will every civic from 96 to 2000 will pretty much fit.

Something is burning in the steering column?

If you do not keep your power steering fluid topped off, and/or do not change it once a year, your steering column will most likely start burning from friction of the steering rod and column. The best thing you could do is take it to a mechanic, to see how much damage you've done by not topping off your steering fluid. This is something explained in every owner's manual, but not often read. This is how most mechanics make their money, by people not topping off their power steering fluid. If it isn't looked at soon, then your steering could go out, and you could crash.

When do i change the Honda Civic cambelt?

every 105k miles

How often should transmission fluid be changed on a 2006 Honda civic?

Transmission fluid (Civic CVT manual every 50,000mls,Transmission fluid (A/T or ?/T) auto every 30,000mls

Is there a 2000 automatic Honda civic ex?

yes there is automatic for every civic model! DX, EX, LX, VX, Si....

When do you change the brake fluid on a Honda Civic 2007?

Per Honda Civic manual, at every 3 years independent of mileage !

What is the recommended oil change for a 2002 Honda Civic?

The recommended oil change for a 2002 Honda Civic is every 5,000 miles. If synthetic oil is used oil can be changed every 10,000 miles.

What would cause a squealing noise every time the steering wheel is turned either left or right?

Power Steering Fluid Or Power Steering Pump

What is the year model that uses a standard transmission for a Honda Civic?

Every year Honda Civic sold could be purchased with a manual transmission.

Can you put a h23a dohc vtec on a 95 civic?

Yes of course you can put an h-series into an eg civic. It's done every day.

Your 94 Pontiac grand am has been leaking alot of power steering fluid everytime you stop your car it leaves a small puddle underneath it you find your self adding power steering fluid every 3 days an?

Every three or four days for me but I got it fixed just a leak in the line from oversteering or just being old, follow the pump and see where the lines are and look for the leak. It should be an easy find and pretty simple fix for anyone.

Where is the steering column located on 1993 Chevy 1500?

The steering wheel connects to it. You probably hit your knee on it every time you get in your truck.

How do you know if something is wrong with your power steering i used to refill it every week now it has been not been filled for 4 months and has not gone down and is black?

You should have your power steering checked to make sure everything is alright. If you don't have a leak then everything should be fine with you car.

What is the civic centers coming event?

Depends on the Civic center. Almost every city has a Civic center, which is, by definition, a prominent land area within a community that is constructed to be its focal point. The Honda Center (Civic Center of Anaheim CA) is hosting the Steve Miller Band on 02.20.10

Honda civic LX How often do you change your timing belt?

Every 100,000 miles

Why is boat steering on right side?

not every boat is like that you kno

Every driver should have one of these wheels and axles?

Steering Wheel

Is there instructions on how to replace a steering column on a 1978 Chevrolet El Camino?

You can go to a parts house or bookstore and purchase a Haynes Manual and it will have all the information you will need. They have them for every car so that you do not get something that you do not need.

Your 2006 Civic Lx was wondering how often to do the oil change?

every 3000km or 3 months

Can parts go on a Honda Civic EX from a Honda Civic SI?

I assume you are talking about a 1996-2000 Civic EX and a 1999-2000 Civic Si. If so then yes, people do it all the time and practically every part will fit and work on your EX model, especially if you have a 1999-2000 Civic EX. Interior/exterior pieces, suspension, engine parts, etc. That's the great thing about hondas.

How often should the battery on a 97 Honda civic be changed?

have it checked every 3 to 4 years