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Check your gear linkages that nothing has slipped. I had an old 3 speed van years ago and couldn't get reverse. Thought that the gearbox had gone but just about to remove gear box when I found a stone chipping off the road jammed in the linkage mechanism stopping reverse selection.

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โˆ™ 2007-01-28 07:47:52
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Q: Your pug 205 has just stopped letting you get it in reverse all other gears are ok?
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Ford Explorer automatic transmission does not catch reverse gear but works fine in all other gears What can be the problem?

Reverse is usually the first to go, followed by first gear. Time for a transmission rebuild.

How many gears does a infinity G20 has?

i have two answers Park, Reverse, Neutral, Drive 2, 1.when the paddle is in the D or drive gear there is 3 gears plus over drive total of 4 driving forward gears. like 90% of all other cars out there.

In A140 Mercedes car you fitted a new reverse switch but reverse light stay on even in neatural?

Hi, did you ever find out why your A140 reverse light always stay on even in other gears, I have the same issue, i have checked the bulbs, replaced the reverse light switch and still have them always on..

Why does your 96 Honda Accord with 200000 miles make a noise only when backing up?

because the reverse gears are designed differently. Because you don't use reverse as much as the other gears it's make cheaper, so it ends up making a whine while you back up. hope this helped

Why won't your manual transmission car go in reverse and other gears?

Dragging clutch, clutch is oil soaked, hydraulic release system is faulty.

Will an auto transmission be damaged if I don't come to a complete stop before changing from reverse to park as in a parking lot barely moving?

Of course it will you idiot. Think about it... while the car is going forward you slap it into reverse and the gears need to stop turning the other way BEFORE the can turn the other way around or it will grind all the gears and then you have just ruined your transmission

Why does my car make a grrrr noise when I back it up?

The grrr noise you hear should be more like a whiring, this is because the reverse gear is a straight cut gear, while all the other gears are helical ( 1st ,2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th) when two straight cut gears meet there is more noise present due to the way the gears connect, as the reverse gear uses several small gears to change a clockwise motion into a anti-clockwise motion.

1994 Nissan sentra i am having problems when shifting from reverse the other 1-5 gears work great but when you go into reverse you have to literally hit the stick shift and the clutch is depressed?

Sounds like a problem with the idler gear in between the reverse gear and the layshaft.

How do you shift gears on an ATV?

It depends on the make and model. Some have a toe shifter like a motorcycle that is operated with the left foot. Other models have buttons on the handle bar that shifts gears electrically. Still other, newer ones are shiftless. You put it in high, low or reverse, and no shifting is required.

How do you fix the reverse on a 1989 fleetwood brougham?

Well unfotunately these are one of the circumstances where rebuilding the entire transmission would be more profitable, and if for some reason only reverse were fixed, other gears may have been damaged by the debri from the reverse clutch pack..sorry for the bad news.. DAve

Is the automatic transmission in your 1991 eagle talon good?

ive got a 91 eagle talon also, the transmission is great. works perfect and all. BUT the reverse dosent work at all.. so in other words, all other gears work perfect. EXCEPT reverse. not sure of this problem.

Your Chevy truck 1992 only runs in low gear and reverse?

Your tranny is in limp mode. The only gears that work are 2nd and reverse. Check the cable to your tranny and see if it is plugged all the way in. If it is then you have other electrical problems and need to have your truck looked at.

Do payments on mortgage need to be up to date to get a reverse mortgage?

No they don't. There is no income or credit qualifications other than federal delinquencies. (student loans, federal tax liens etc) We have even stopped foreclosure with a reverse mortgage.

If a 1996 Nissan 240SX does not go in reverse but the other gears work fine could it be electrical or a transmission problem?

Electrical - check voltage to "reverse" selonid. With my knowledge on Nissans, it could also be a transmission problem. If it is a 5-speed, it is more than likely the tranny. Reverse is the gear that goes out first most of the time

If a 1995 Nissan Altima does not go in reverse but the other gears work fine could it be electrical or a transmission problem?

I just read another persons witing on another site about this. He was having the same problem I am with his Pathfinder. We all wont go in reverse. His turned out to be the solenoids.

Why would a 1993 RX7 not shift into reverse?

Throwout bearing, bent/cracked clutch fork, and Poor clutch pressure are other potential causes. Transmission failure. Broken gears or transmission parts have become wedged in the path to the reverse gear. Rebuild transmission.

What are the good things about gears?

About gears of war? What? Be more clear. Gears help us operate clocks and various other technologies.

What is the science behind gears?

Gears are just multiple levers interacting with each other.

What type of energy is gears?

Mechanical energy (If you use gears). Sometimes other energy

What is wrong when a 1992 Grand AM SE 3.3 has no reverse and seems like you have the emergencery brake on but all other forward gears work?

It means that in your Grand AM SE 3.3 your emergency brake is broken.

What would cause a 1998 SL2 Automatic not to drive in reverse when all other gears work fine and all fluids have been topped off?

My daughters 1997 Saturn SC2 coupe automatic transmission has no reverse? what would cause this?? and how can i fix it without replacing the transmission.

If the manual transmission has trouble going in reverse but shifts in all other gears fine and you can not start the car in reverse. what is wrong?

If the engine is running/idling to high, it will make putting it into reverse very difficult. Manual transmissions rarely have internal problems aside from clutch assembly replacement. That's not to say it couldn't have a problem though.

How many gears do you oil on wild west?

you oil the gears that go to the other large gear

What type of Energy form is Gears?

Mechanical energy (If you use gears). Sometimes other energy

What would cause a 1996 Pontiac Sunfire not to shift into reverse?

the only problem that you can repair yourself would be with the linkage. but if all other gears work except reverse then the problem is probably internal and should be inspected by a professional. it makes a big difference if the trans. is manual or automatic also.