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What are your salt readings? They need to be in the right parameters to function properly. Re read the instruction manual for the salt system. Are you using pool salt? How big is the pool? Read the label on salt for instructions as to quantity to add.

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Q: Your saltwater system for your pool continually reads add salt you have added over 300 lbs and it still has a very low chlorine reading and still claims to need salt Any suggestions?
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How do you keep chlorine in saltwater pool?

Once you have a chlorine reading, the use of Cyanuric Acid will help keep the chlorine from letting sunlight dissipate it. Keep in mind that many induced salywater pools manufacture chlorine from electroylsis of the salt water.

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Why pool reading no chlorine?

because it has no chlorine

Why would there be no chlorine reading?

normally when there is no reading for chlorine means that you need it, put 1 gallon of liquid shock in your pool. that will raise the chlorine level, cheryl

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How do you get the ideal reading of chlorine in the pool?

When chlorine enters the water, it is in a form that is an active sanitizer and an oxidizer called "free chlorine". It will react with any number of contaminants in the water. When it reacts with ammonia compounds in the water, which come from bathers' perspiration and urine, it becomes "combined chlorine". In this form, chlorine is a much slower sanitizer. This form also causes chlorine odor and eye irritation. When using the 5-way strip, the difference between the free chlorine reading (pad 1) and the total chlorine reading (pad 2) is the combined chlorine reading.

Cloudy pool free chlorine is not reading stabilizer is low but pH is ok?

Add chlorine and stabilizer.

How do you get the free chlorine level down in your saltwater pool?

To give you an accurate answer, it's important to know how many gallons are in the pool, how high is your Free Available Chlorine (FAC), and what is your Combined Chlorine Reading. Is pool enclosed and protected from sun etc? Is your chlorine generator working properly? You could simply shut down the generator and test your pool everyday at the same time. Keep records of pH, Free Chlorine, Combined Chlorine, Alkalinity, etc. It's important that you maintain a proper pH at ALL TIMES.

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it effects your mom

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A properly maintain swimming pool would have a chlorine reading of what?

A good Free Chlorine reading should be around 1.5ppm to 3.0ppm. If the pool is used frequently by multiple bathers, the higher end of this range is recommended. There are many factors that can influence the Free Chlorine reading but this is a good place to start and you can adjust as needed for your particular pool.

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