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Check turn signal switch. Pull back lighty on turn signal lever and brake lights will come on. Replace switch inside steering column. The green and yellow wires you see at the bulbs are the ones that control the brake lights and turn signals.

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Q: Your top brake light works but your bottom 2 dont checked all the bulbs and fuses There fine What could it be?
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Hi just bought an old BMW 3 series 1992 and needed to change the bulbs for the brake lights. Replaced the bulbs and checked fuses but can not get the bulbs to work. Could anybody help please?

Likely to be the brake light switch on the pedal at fault if the bulbs and fuses are good and other lights work ok.

1996 tercel brake lights turn off?

This could be caused by a malfunctioning fuse. fuses will need to be checked. the light bulbs within the tail lights wil need to be checked. the switch under the brake pedal will need to be check to make sure it it activating properly. if all else fails it could be a wire problem and your wire system will need to be checked

Brake lights arent coming on changed bulbs and fuses and no results what else needs to be checked on a 98 Chevrolet lumina?

If the brake lights are not coming on in your car and you have changed the bulbs and the fuses with no results, you could also check the wiring in your '98 Chevrolet Lumina. The wires may be damaged or even broken.

Brake lights not responding 2001 Solara Not fuse or bulbs. What else could it be?

it maybe the brake switch

Brake lights not working on a 2001 Montana?

it could be your brake light switch,or the fuse could be blown ,or the bulbs could be blown.or it could also be the turn signal switch.

All 3 brake lights are not working on my 2000 Grand Prix GTP I checked the bulbs and fuse and I was wondering what else could be wrong?

Check to stop light switch - usually located at the upper end of the brake pedal under dash area

Vauxhall Astra van brake lights are not working and its not the fuses what could be the problem?

Check the bulbs. If these are OK it could be the switch on the brake pedal arm.

You have no brake lights on your truck and it not the bulbs or the switch on the pedal what could be the problem?

Check all the fuses. If not bulbs or switch that's all that it can be,

Why does Dashboard brake light stays on 02 cav?

Could be low on brake fluid, time to have the brakes checked.

What could cause the brake lights not to work on a Fiat Punto?

I have asked a similar question.Ive checked the bulbs and the fuse and they are fine. There is a brake light plunger type switch attached to the upper part of the brake pedal but i havent been able to locate it yet.Its awarkward lying on your back with a torch trying to find it.

Why does the third brake light work but not the others?

There could be a separate fuse for the lower brake lights , or maybe both lower brake light bulbs are burned out

When inspecting a vehicle braking system which component could be checked for serviceability by measuring with a micrometer?

Brake rotors and brake drums.

Why is your brake light on 1996 Chevy Blazer?

It could be low on brake fluid, a sign of trouble. Have the brakes checked SOON!

1991 Jeep Cherokee Brake lights and flasher don't work Changed hazard relay bulbs brake switch fuse what else could it be?

Bulbs , Flasher under dash, broken wiring

Why are the brake fuses blowing on a 2001 Mercury Grand Marquise?

You could have a bad brake light switch, bad bulbs, or a short in the wiring. Try changing the bulbs first. My Camry was doing the same thing. I put in new bulbs and no more problem.

If the fuse is good and the bulbs are good what else can be wrong with the brake lights not working on a 2004 Passat?

It could be the brake light switch, usually mounted on the brake pedal.

My brake lights arent working in my 97 Chevy lumina what could it be?

Your problem may be with any or all of these three items: The fuse, brake switch or bulbs in the brake lights.

Brake lights don't work but tail lights do why 1996 Chevy lumina?

id cheack your brake light switch. its rightbehine your brake peddle it could be that malfunction, its a chap part to change $15 or less but u could also check your fuses if the bulbs are still good due to the bulbs having 2 separate filiments one for runin light and for brake..

Why won't my brake lights come on in my Ford Explorer XLT?

Could be, a blown fuse, burned out bulbs, bad brake light switch, or an improperly installed brake light switch.

What could cause the rear brake lights to melt on a 2003 Pontiac Sunfire?

Probably the wrong bulbs or the brake lights are getting stuck "on". Or maybe a combination of the two. Check that you have the right bulbs and check to make sure something isn't keeping the brake lights on. FriPilot

2004 Laguna and the brake lights are not working you have checked the fuse and bulbs and they are fine?

just do what i did on my 01 run fused feed from battery to brake switch (thick yellow wire) under passenger footwell behind heater then run lead from other side of switch (brown wire) to offside rear brake light second pin from bottom of cluster this will bypass car electircs and all brake lights should work. this worked for me after auto electrican could not fix fault and told me to take car to renault aye fecking right

Stuck parking brake on rt rear tire 1993 buick park ave?

A stuck parking brake could be caused by several things. The brake cable that operates that brake could be stuck, or the mechanism could be stuck at the wheel. The wheel will need to be removed and the cable and emergency brake arms will have to be checked.

Brake lights don't work but one under spoiler does?

Check bulbs they are double filamented with smaller for brake lights Could be a problem in steering column

If you have power checked fuses and bulbs and still no taillights what could be the problem?

only thing left to check is the light switch

Sharp pain at bottom middle of your abdomen what is this?

Could be a bladder infection. You need to have it checked out.