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Your transmission worked fine until you stopped at a red light now you have no forward or reverse gears this is a 1990 Nissan maxima automatic?


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Hard to say, start with the basics-is the fluid full?

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I had my 00 eclipse gt automatic do this. took it to mr transmition and they cleared codes that popped up and it stopped. if i drove forward for a while and warmed the car up, then reverse would work. hope this helps.

Check transmission fluid and fill to mark on dipstick. If this doesn't help, expect to replace the transmission.

Check the transmission fluid for odd color or smells. If all of the forward gears work ok then the transmission fluid may not be flowing properly through the valves. The filter could be stopped up, or the bands for reverse could be worn.

It probally is the transmission or your brakes could be slipping.

Its probably the actual transmission itself. It happened to my moms 99 Kia sephia and then it just started working for a few months than the tranny just stopped working all together so I would suggest getting it checked out

Drive 1 locks the automatic transmission into first gear (preventing an upshift). Very good to use when parked or stopped on a very steep slope and you need to move forward and do not want the transmission to shift. Drive 2 locks the automatic transmission into second gear. This is sometimes referred to as a "snow" drive position, as it causes the engine power to be applied to the wheels much more slowly (via converter slippage within the transmission) minimizing actual wheel-spin when accelerating from a stopped position.

air intake more than fuel needs reconfiguration

It is not a good idea to drive with two feet on an automatic transmission unless your stopped on a hill. In that case you would press the brake with your left foot and the gas just a little with your right foot.

Low fluid level, stopped up filter, or a very serious transmission or torque converter problem.

When a chemical reaction reaches equilibrium it means that neither the forward nor the reverse reaction have stopped.

Had same trouble with my 04 Sequoia.. Flushed and change transmission fluid and had no more trouble..

depends is it automatic or manual? if its automatic its more than likely that your transmission isn't shifting into first gear

There are many reasons why your reverse gears stopped working. There could be a leak or a plug for example.

It sounds like the 99 Grand Prix has slippage in the reverse band, or a stopped fluid path. Changing the transmission fluid and filter could help, if not then the transmission needs to be checked by a transmission since the band is inside of it.

1967 was the first year for the AutoStick. Really a manual transmission with an electrically operated clutch, it also had a torque convertor so it could stopped in gear. Works great when everything is in tip top shape, VW stopped using it in 1976.

Possible a stopped up/dirty trans filter.It can be changed.Possible a pressure problem/Possibly a vacum modulator on older transmissions

are you sure you have the hubs locked in? if automatic hubs then it probably needs manual hubs put in. You have to be stopped and transmission in neutral

Check the fluid level to start with. If level is ok, then the filter could be stopped up, or there could be internal damage.

All GM cars use Dexron transmission fluid. It may say Dexron III or Dexron VI. You can put either in your car. It used to be Dexron II, but they stopped making it so you just use whatever Dexron currently is on stores shelves. It's fairly common. Dexron III ATF (Automatic Transmission Fluid).

turn wheels towards curb ( if parked on hill facing downward) turn wheels away from curb (if parked on hill rear facing downward) place gearshift lever in "P" Park if automatic transmission place gearshift lever in Reverse is std. transmission set parking brake turn ignition off remove key

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