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Seal gone! Remove driveshaft pull seal out, check shaft for damage/wear. Refit new seal and rebuild

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Q: Your truck leaks transmission fluid out of the drive shaft what is the problem and how do you fix it?
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Your truck leaks transmission fluid what is the problem and how do you fix it?

Replace the front seal which is located by the spline.

How do i fix my Geo Metro automatic slipping?

Check your transmission fluid levels. Look around for'll see a reddish fluid around the drive axle on your transmission or around the radiator.

Where does the transmission fluid goes?

on the ground, if it tranny leaks

What happens when Transmission fluid leaks into the radiator?

You replace the radiator

Does an automatic transmission run low on fluid after a long time Or does it have to have a leak?

The fluid level in a transmission will not change unless it leaks.

2001 mustang leaks pink fluid from center of undercarriage?

sounds like automatic transmission fluid

Your transmission is leaking fluid what may be cause?

Common causes of transmission fluid leaks:Worn Transmission Pan SealsWorn Rear Main SealCracked Transmission Fluid LineLeaky Torque ConverterLoose Transmission Pan Bolts

Why does radiator leaks transmission fluid?

Some have an internal transmission cooler & extra small internal radiator for that purpose.

How do you check the automatic transmission fluid on a 2006 Pontiac G6?

You can't it is a sealed transmission. If you have no leaks then all if fine.

When coolant leaks into transmission is the transmission ruined?

not always, but most times, yes. it will ruin the trans fluid pump.

What is yellowish fluid leaking inside on driver floor?

If it is an ML W163 then it is Transmission fluid, same problem on mine...need to replace the O Rings on the plug to the transmission which can only be bought with the plug.....$10 here in Australia....common left shoes are all ruined on a right hand drive car i.e. where the footrest is the oil leaks & saturates the carpet

What is the problem when the car leaks transmission fluid and starts but won't go anywhere?

The transmission needs fluid to propel the car. If there's no fluid, you're going nowhere. Fill it up, and find the source of the leak. It could be a transmission seal, or maybe it's as simple as a damaged line from the rad. Don't try to move the vehicle at all until the transmission is full of fluid. You could burn out the transmission, causing a very costly repair.

Three Common Automotive Transmission Problems?

For those who have a vehicle currently experiencing a transmission problem, getting a professional to perform the automotive transmission repair is the easiest way to fix the problem. Automotive repairs can be very complex, and a vehicle's transmission is no different. Many problems can go wrong, such as a fluid leak, transmission slipping, and general overheating. From this article, a general insight into common transmission problems should be gained.Fluid LeaksAlthough leaking fluid may seem like a minor problem, a transmission that leaks fluid may experience much bigger problems if left unfixed. Many reasons may be causing a fluid leak. Anything from a broken seal to a loosened filter tube can cause the transmission to leak. These are not the only causes of fluid leaks, and the fluid leak is not the only common problem experienced by transmissions.Transmission SlippingBesides fluid leaks, transmission slipping is the most common problem car owners experience with their transmissions. Like the fluid leak, many different sources could be causing the transmission to slip. Generally transmission slipping results from abnormal RPM increases or from abruptly down-shifting. Transmission slipping can generally be avoided, but a trained professional would be able to check out the transmission fluid levels and seals to ensure the transmission is in working order.OverheatingWhen a transmission experiences too much strain, the result can be overheating. Things like stop-and-go traffic can aggravate overheating, as well as hauling too heavy of a load with a vehicle. Overheating can be prevented, but if a car experiences transmission overheating, the metal parts that make up the transmission can start to bend and the sealants in the transmission can also harden. Neither of these are desirable, and may require the services of a automotive transmission repair professional.Without a working transmission, a car would be unable to switch gears or operate in a safe manner. The most common problems car owners experience with their vehicle's transmission is fluid leaks, transmission slipping, and overheating. All of these can at first seem like no big deal, but if left unfixed or completely ignored, these minor problems can end up costing a car owner much more money in the long-run. Before the problem gets out of hand, anyone whose care is experiencing problems should contact an automotive transmission repair specialist.

2001 navigator wont go in gear?

your transmission is probably going or has gone, check for tranmission fluid leaks because there might not be enough fluid going to the transmission sensors.

Transmission leak on your 1994 c class Mercedes but im not using any transmission fluid?

check the steering box for leaks

What would cause a red fluid leaks in a F150 pickup?

It's either transmission fluid or power steering fluid. Some fords use transmission fluid for the power steering. Check both fluid levels as per your owners Manual

Can you put too much transmission fluid in your vehicle?

Yes, overfilling can cause the fluid to aerate which can cause leaks and hard shifting.

How do you check the transmission fluid on a 1998 BMW 740i?

This is a sealed transmission. It does not have a dip stick. Read the manual. sometimes that sealed transmission leaks by way of the radiator

What to do when coolant leaks into transmission?

Don't drive it! Have it towed to a garage that can flush the system, replace the radiator and hope that the transmission is not damaged.

What would cause the reverse to go out on a 98 Chevy blazer?

This is a design flaw in the 4L60E. Check all Technical Service Bulletins. However, there is also a contributory aspect to this problem. If you have 4WD, over time the seal between the transmission and transfer case leaks. Transmission fluid slowly leaks into the transfer case, overfills it and then out the vent tube. If you don't check your transmission level every oil change (e.g. 3,000 miles) then your transmission fluid becomes low. Low transmission fluid, equals more heat in the transmission, equals shorter transmission life and the more rapid loss of reverse. The key therefore is to get your transmission serviced every 30,000 miles and check that transmission fluid every 3,000 miles.

What does it mean when transmission fluid leaks from holes in the block of a 1972 Dodge Power Wagon?

I am having the same problem with my transmission. What holes are you talking about and where are they located? Mine leaks all the time, I have tried new gaskets and sealants but it still leaks. It runs great, but I have to keep the oil topped off every couple of weeks. I think it is a A727 tranny. Very tough.

What happens when transmission fluid leaks?

You leave a mess everywhere you park, When the fluid level drops below the add line, the transmission will not perform correctly, Continued use after the fluid level has dropped below the add line will shorten the life span of the transmission,

How do you check the transmission fluid on a 2003 Mercury Mountaineer?

you do not it is factory sealed the fluid if no leaks will last a life time so ford thinks

You changed the transmission fluid but it still leaks?

Where is it leaking from? Could be front or rear seal or coolant lines Did you change gasket when you changed fluid?

What kind of tool do you use to check transmission fluid on a 2000 Honda Passport?

well...a wrench and you. The 2000 Passports don't have a dipstick to check the transmission fluid like you'd expect. To check the transmission fluid you have to get under the vehicle. On the transmission fluid pan there is a fill plug. Take out the fill plug (with the engine off) and using a syringe inject fluid in the hole until is leaks out. Then start the engine let it run a few minutes and put more fluid in until it leaks out again. Put the plug back in and PRESTO! :P