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The quickest way to to get certified through the NCCA, they require you have a CPR card from AHA and then you can choose one of 7 certification programs. Many of these can be taken online.

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Q: What is a quickest way to become a personal trainer?
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How do you get a personal trainer certification?

There are many institute or center to get a personal trainer certification. After getting certification you will be able to teach somebody as a personal trainer. If you want get a personal trainer certification you must do it from good place or good way.

How long will it take to earn my personal trainer certification?

The quickest way is to take your course online at your own pace. After taking your test, you'll receive grades within 72 hours.

Hiring a personal trainer is the most effective way to lose weight.?

Hiring a personal trainer is the most effective way to lose weight.

What is the quickest way to become a billionaire?

Rob a bank

What the most inexpensive way to become a certified trainer?

The most inexpensive way to become a certified trainer is by learning online.

Whats the quickest and easiest way to become an actor?

Be able to ACT!

Do you know how I can become a certified personal trainer?

There are different licensing organizations for personal trainers. There is no state licensing board; rather these organizations license trainers as a way of verifying that the trainer has undertaken the proper training and coursework. Visit these sites for details: AND

How do I find personal trainer jobs?

Some of the best personal trainer jobs out there are either for the local gym or a trainer that makes house calls. Whatever fits your needs. Either way you can't go wrong.

What are the requirements for becoming a personal trainer?

A degree in exercise science can go a long way towards finding employment. The requirements for being a personal trainer aren't very steep if you have a solid physique and know what kind of fitness program is best to follow.

Can a Personal Trainer help me I want to lose weight?

Yes and no, it depends on you. A personal trainer can only teach you & guide you along the way. It is you who has to keep the dietary restraints and keep on going towards the goal. A personal trainer will helP you master your exercise skills & exercise positions.

What is the best way to start personal training?

The best way to become a personal trainer is to go through a gym - you don't need any experience or certification and they can train you and put you through the right accreditation schemes. You then create your own client base and use them for referals to grow!

How do you get owner points on Nintendogs?

You must have meant "trainer points". This can be earned by winning contests, walking your dog, training your dog and bathing, grooming your dog. Winning first prize in contests is definitely the quickest way to get trainer points.

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