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Such is called the Electoral College or the College of Electors.

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Q: A special body made up of people selected by each state which votes for the president and vice president is called the?
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How do you become a leader in theocracy?

selected by a special group of people

How do you become a theocracy leader?

selected by a special group of people

How do leaders become leaders in a theocracy?

selected by a special group of people

How is the executives selected?

The president is elected by all the people of the United States

How did this president become the leader of the country?

A person becomes a President of A country when people selected or voted for them to be President or if in a country that is not democratic the military has to pick one to be the President

Persons elected to cast a state's vote in the electoral college for us president and vice president are called what?

The electoral college is a group of people who are selected every four years to make the formal selection of President and Vice-President. These men and women are referred to as the Presidential electors.

Who was the first president to be considered a strong national leader selected by the people?

George Washington

How many ways can a president and vice president be selected from a committee of 6 candidates?

30 = 6 * 5 if we assume the president and the vice-president must be different people.

Why is Special A called Special A?

because of the group of 7 people that are the most smartest people in the whole school, they are called the special A and don't ask me why...

What are the special group of people that protect the president?

selective service

What is the duty of the voice president?

The president is the Voice of the People, serving as the spokesman and formulator of public opinion – speaking for no special interest, but for the whole of the people.

What is a democratic government?

A government which is made by people is called democratic government.A government that is selected, implemented, and constrained by the people.