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Soviet Union indeed shot down a US U-2 surveillance plane on 1st May, 1960. The plane was flying from a base in Northern Pakistan and was on a mission over Soviet Union near Ural region when it was shot down by a SAM (SA-2). The pilot Gary Powers was taken prisoner after he safely bailed out.

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Q: Did the Soviets shoot down the U2 spy plane?
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Tensions between the US and the Soviet Union relaxed somewhat but increased again when?

the soviets shot down an American spy plane

Who was flying the U2 spy plane that was shot down by the Soviets?

Gary Powers

What caused tensions between the U.S. and the Soviet Union to increase again after they relaxed somewhat?

The Soviets shot down an American spy plane.

What is U-2 spy plane crisis?

When Eisenhower denied having such an aircraft, and the Soviets had the wreckage of the plane in their hanger. That was embarrassing!

Why was the Paris summit conference cancelled in 1960?

It was cancelled because President Eisenhower refused Soviet requests that he apologize for the U-2 incident where the Soviets shot down and recovered a US spy plane.

Why did the Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev demand an apology from President Eisenhower in 1960?

Because the U.S. sent the U-2 spy plane over Russia to...well...spy. The plane was later shot down by the soviets and the pilot was captured, they knew it was an American plane because 1. they had the pilot 2. American flags where one the plane President Eisenhower never gave an apology.

Who was francis gary powers and why did he spend ten years in prison?

he was the pilot flying the high-altitude spy plane U-2 when it got shot down by the soviets, so he was arrested for spying

Where from U2 plane flew?

The U-2 plane flew from the United States of America to spy on the Soviets activity.

How did the U-2 spy plane contribute to the cold war?

U2 played one of their hit songs and all the Soviets died

What was use to shoot down the you-2 spy plane?

I believe you are referring to the Gary Powers incident in 1960. His high-flying (70,000 ft) aircraft was believed to be invincible because of its high cruising altitude. However, the Soviets demonstrated the power of their SA-2 missile system (also known as the S-75 Dvina). A shotgun launch of SA-2s brought down Gary Powers' plane and sparked an international incident.

What happend as the result of the Soviets shotting soen and American you-2 plane in 1960?

The U-2 spy plane was supposed to be a "secret". The Soviets (Russians) weren't supposed to know that the US was spying on them. Now they knew different; and the US had to re-organize it's planning.

What country was using a you-2 spy plane in1960 that was shot down over the Soviet Union?

The US had a spy plane called the U-2 that was shot down over the Soviet Union.