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Q: Do all the states and union territories enjoy equal power?
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Which section of the constitution gives equal status and power to all states?

The __________ section of the Constitution gives equal status and power to all states. A.Bill of RightsB.Equal FootingC.Full Faith and CreditD.Privileges and ImmunitiesPlease select the best answer from the choices providedAB this oneCD

What is the source of all power in the American government?

The Congress was the power given to all US territories .... Peace Love and Happiness all the people of the world

Which part of the government has the power to regulate other territories?


Definition of strong state?

Strong states control their territories and maintain a monopoly of the use of force within their borders. These states derive the power to rule from competent institutions of coercion. Strong states may or may not have legitimacy. Strong states that have legitimacy adhere to the rule of law, provide core functions for their citizens, and enjoy the consent of the governed. Strong states that lack legitimacy usually favor a particular elite and rely on coercion to rule. Although these states do provide core functions, they do not adhere to the rule of law and much of their populations withhold consent. These states are vulnerable to challenges by other groups and political movements who may be perceived as being more legitimate than the state

What are some blessing of liberty that you enjoy how can you help to make sure the future generations will also ejoy them?

Some of the blessings of liberty that I enjoy are the freedom of speech, the right to peacefully assemble, the freedom of religion, the right to own property, and the right to travel freely withing and between states. I can help to make sure that future generations will also enjoy these blessings by not taking them for granted, and not abusing my power.

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What is 300 to the 32nd power equal to?

18530201888518410000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 enjoy

What war expanded United States power to overseas territories?

The Spanish American War.

How did European nation-states expand their territories and consolidate their power?

building castlesconcurring castlesarmies

Which state tought power between states should be equal?

The smaller states thought power between the states should be equal. They were afraid of being over powered by the large states.

What power did the civil war question?

The Civil War raised the question of states' rights. The power of the federal government to make laws affecting the states and territories, and the power of the federal government to force states to remain in the union, were key ideas.

Why did the slave states need to be equal with the free states?

To maintain their voting power in Congress.

How territories help city to grow economically?

By having more land to make money and power to build an empire :DDD hope u enjoy.....,,,,, by rifat

Does the senate give more power to the less populated states?

The Senate gives equal power to all states, thus giving less populated states more power than they have in the House of Representatives, where power is determined by population.

How did the Whiskey Rebellion impact the development of the US in the Federal Period?

It allowed the national government to show its power to control the states and territories

Why is equal representations important?

because the larger states can't over power them

What is equal to voltage times current?

Power, in 'watts'.

How did articles of confederation ensure the power of the states?

within congress, all states would be equal and each had a single vote.