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Q: How many black soldiers fought in the American war in the revolutionary war?
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How did the Revolutionary War affect the slaves?

20 percent of Americans at the time of the Revolutionary War were black, and most of them were slaves. Slaves fought in the Revolutionary War with the intention of fighting for freedom. There was not much of a change for the slaves after the war because the South refused to cooperate. Slaves received freedom but the laws were not changed so the blacks were still not completely free.

Why did the black loyalists support the British?

Because they were treated better by the British than the American colonists and were promised their freedom from slavery if tehy fought for the British.

What is the nickname for black calvary soldiers?

Black cavalry soldiers in the Civil War and later periods of history were referred to as "buffalo soldiers." This was in reference to the coarseness of their hair, in comparison to that of a bison.

In the American Revolution African Americans fought on which side?

The vast majority of African Americans fought on the side of the British, records show that 20,000 fought for the British after being promised freedom and land, many also signed up aboard Royal Navy vessels. The Continental Army kept no records for Black American slaves; however, it is thought that approx 5,000 fought on the orders of their 'owners'. The British kept their word and many African Americans emigrated to British Canada, England and the Caribbean where they were freed and given small plots of land. It is a sad fact that American slave owners on catching the freed slaves tortured, crippled and even blinded some in revenge. Many historians believe the Revolutionary War was fought to retain slavery in the colonies as England had outlawed the practice. In Simon Schama's 2006 book 'Rough Crossings: The Slaves, the British, and The American Revolution' he lays out the evidence for this horrific fact.

Who was the black man who fought at bunker hill?

Sam Tucker

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What did black soldiers do in Revolutionary War?

They fought. The Black soldiers were often offered freedom and that's why they fought. The same can be said about the British. All Black slaves that fought for the British were freed.

What was the approximate number of Afro-Americans who fought for American Independence in the American Revolutionary War?

Approximately 5,000 Black Americans fought the British in the American Revolutionary War.

How many African American soldiers fought on the American side during the American revolution?

About ten percent of the American soldiers were black.

What was the irony of black soldiers returning to racism?

Black soldiers fought for American freedom but were not completely free themselves.

Who was the first black American to join the Army?

African-Americans have fought in every American war including the Revolutionary War. Runaway slaves were promised freedom if they fought for the British army.

Who was the first black person to join the American army?

African-Americans have fought in every American war including the Revolutionary War. Runaway slaves were promised freedom if they fought for the British army.

How many black soldiers were at Iwo Jima?

There were approximately 900 Afro-American Marines who fought on Iwo Jima.

When were black men allowed to fight in an American war abroad?

WW1 The "Buffalo Soldiers", a black cavalry unit, fought in Cuba, in the Spanish American War, 1898 era.

Who are the black African American soldiers who fought in the civil war?

Most were in the 54th Regiment of Massachusets, but there was over 200,000 African Americans that fought against the Confederates.

About how many black soldiers fought on the side of the North in the Civil War?

The soldiers who fought for the Union side were mostly fromNEW RESPONDENT.178,975 Black soldiers fought at the side of the Union during the Civil War, of whom 2,870 died in combat.

How did the black revolutionary war soldiers get paid?

They didn't the Congress was broke

How many black soldiers fought from the union army in civil war?


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