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The German soldiers that take Jonathan captive.

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Q: In the book Fighting Ground who are the Hessians?
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What were the hessians gain from fighting in the war?

The Hessians were being paid to fight in the war, they were mercenaries

In the book fighting ground How does he get capture?

I have not read the book yet!!! So I do not know!!

What is the resolution of the fighting ground?

I don't know read the book

Who were defeated by Washington's forces in Trenton?

german mercenaries (hessians) who were fighting for the british

What soldiers were fighting for money employed by the british?

German Hessians.... Today, we might call them mercenaries...

Did the Hessian's fight with Custer.?

I don't recall ever reading anything about Hessians fighting with General Custer.

What does snydertown committee mean in the book the fighting ground by avi?

It's a name of a town

In the book Fighting Ground why does Jonathan have trouble with his gun?

* he has a hard time having to reload it.

Why did Washington sneak attack on the hessians?

Enlistment time was almost up for his men in the army

The fighting ground is a excellent book to girls?

it depends on u if the girl doesnt like to talk about war then no

What type is machop?

fighting and i think ground so fighting ground type but mostly fighting

What were the hessians fighting for?

Directly, they were fighting because it was their job to do what the British commanded them to. Ultimately, they were fighting for duty, honour, and loyalty. Hessians were professional soldiers who were often "rented" out to other armies by their rulers, a common practice in 18th century Europe. During the American War of Independence, George III, who had family ties to the Prince of Hess, borrowed and deployed entire regiments of Hessians. Some were volunteers, but many were conscripted, and a few Hessian states kept significant parts of the population under arms. Being a professional princely army, Hessians upheld a strong code of honour. They usually had nothing to gain from the conflict, but fought anyway because it was their duty as soldiers. They served out of a sense of loyalty to their princes and their States.