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The main changes on the map occured in Cental and Eastern Europe. Austo-Hungarian Monarchy broke into pieces; Hungary became a separate country; new countries were formed: Czechoslovakia, Poland, A lot bigger Romania, Yugoslavia (Bosnia, Herzegovina and Montenegro were added to Serbiato form a new country called Yugoslavia). Four other countries were created from the former Russian territories: Finland, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia. The Ottoman Empire also boke up. Modern Turkey was formed.

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Q: List of countries before world war 1 and after?
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How many countries were in the world before world war 1?


How do Japan's actions before and during World War 2 compare with Germany's actions over the same period?

Both countries became highly militaristic and built powerful armies.

Why was there another World War after the first?

There was another world war after the first because powers arose in the intervening years that spanned the globe and alligned themselves together to take over other countries. Germany Italy and Japan started invading other countries and killing their citiziens and shipping off people and goods to their own countries. These invaded countries of course resisted and their allies helped them. This led to the world war. Japan invaded China, the Philippines, Australia, and other countries bordered on the Pacific. They also attacked the United States. Big Mistake. Germany invaded Poland, France, Russia, Finland, etc, most of Europe ! World War 2 is called "The Good War" because it was so clear who was in the right and who was not. Which is not the case in most wars.

What was the US initial response to World War 2?

the usa first didn't want to get involved(usa was in some kinds of neutral state) into the second world war but then when japan became allies with Germany and when japan decided to bomb peral harbour , the usa decided to participate into the world war two.

When will world war iii happen?

The government is hiding it, but it has already started. What do you think the war in Libya is and the war in Iran both fought with America. What do you think the Neo Nazis are planning to do. They're trying to finish what their ancestors couldn't finish. All of those wars and people are going to intertwine and start World War III soon, very soon. This will probably be before the year we die in 2012. but it will happen very soon.

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What were the first ten countries that caused World War 2?

GermanyItalyJapanSoviet UnionBritainFranceUnited StatesPolandChinaThat is a list of nine countries that were involved with the onset of the Second World War.

How can you get the list of countries involved in World War 2?

Try google. Its foolproof.

What countries did japan have conflicts with before World War 1?

Japan had conflicts with China and Russia before World War one.

What are the roles of the countries in world war 2?

roles of countries did not change during the war, they were the same as before and afterwards.

How many countries were in the world before world war 1?


What countries did Hitler conquer before World War 1 even started?

Hitler invaded Poland before World War 2 started and it was the reason many countries declared war against Germany.

What countries were conquered by Italy in World War 2?

None, in fact they were flung out of the African countries they had conquered before the war.

Who were Sweden's allies before world war 2?

Sweden had no allies before world war 2, exept frequent trading with neighburing countries.

What are Axis countries mean?

The Axis powers were the countries which fought the Allies in World War II For a list, see the link below

List those countries involved in world war 1?

name the treaty of peace which was imposed on germany

Other than local countries what other countries were nationally affected by the holocaust?

What do you mean by 'local countries'? I also wonder if you are confusing World War 2 with the Holocaust. Please see related question (below) for list of countries occupied by Germany in World War 2.

What added to rivalry among countries long before World War 1?