Not Presidents on US coins

Updated: 9/13/2023
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Not counting Miss Liberty, nameless Native Americans, and the subjects of commemorative coins, there are Benjamin Franklin, Susan B. Anthony, Sacagawea (and her baby) . I think that's all.

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Q: Not Presidents on US coins
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What faces are on the US coins?

the presidents.

Which presidents faces are on the US coins?

Abraham Lincoln

What two presidents on US coins are wearing wigs?

george washinton

How many coins is Herbert Hoover on?

Hoover is not on any US coins. He is scheduled for a $1 coin in 2014 as part of the on-going series honoring each president. Many mints have produced medals of the US presidents which resemble coins . Some foreign countries have minted coins with US presidents on them to sell to Americans- one of them may picture Hoover.

Which two presidents are wearing wigs tied with ribbon on their coins of US currency?

You should know that..............

What president of US has a specific coin?

Many US presidents have specific coins minted in their honor. For example, George Washington appears on the quarter, Thomas Jefferson on the nickel, Abraham Lincoln on the penny, Franklin D. Roosevelt on the dime, and John F. Kennedy on the half-dollar.

Who were the first two American faces to appear on US coins that were not presidents?

ben franklin Patrick Henry

When year did they put presidents faces on coins?

The Lincoln penny of 1909 was the first US coin with a president's face on it.

Whose head is facing right on us coins?

Lincoln on Cent, Jefferson on 2005 nickel, Susan B. Anthony, Sacagawea, and some of the Presidents on Dollar coins.

What coins do not have presidents?

Silver dollars

Who were the two Americans to show up on US coins who were not presidents?

On current Us coins, only Sacajawea. In the not too far distant past, Susan B, Anthony , Benjamin Franklin and unknown Indians have appeared.

Whose picture is on each of the following US coins penny nickel dime quarter half-dollar dollar?

the presidents