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Q: Was Sam Houston's first term as president very successful?
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What were sam Houstons goals in his first term as the president of Texas?

He tried to get Texas annexed by the United States.

Was President Jimmy Carter more successful in his second term than in his first?

He only had one term.

Why did houstons representatives in Washington think annexation was likely during his second term as president?

the new president and Secretary of state were southerners and not concerned about slavery in Texas.

What is the most successful time in a president's term?

Andrew Jackson because for the first and only time the US was debt free.

In what area was President Obama not successful during his first term in office?

He was unable to get judges approved for the courts by Congress.

Was Reagans first term successful?

Was Reagan's first term a success?

Was Franklin Pierce considered a successful president?

No- he is usually considered one of the least successful full-term presidents.

Reagan's biggest challenge during his first term as president was .?

In his first term he survived an assassination attempt, took a hard line against labor unions, and ordered an invasion of Grenada.

Why was Bilbo's second term as governor less successful that his first term?

He was not very successful because the legislature largely ignored him.

Why was Andrew Johnson unsuccessful in gaining a nomination for a third term?

Andrew Johnson served less than 1 term in office, as US President. Johnson was never elected to office as President; the term he served, was the balance of President Lincoln's term, when he became President after President Lincoln was assassinated. President Johnson impeached during his 1 term as President, and was the first US President to be impeached. There were two attempts to impeach him, the second attempt was successful, and though he was impeached, he was not removed from office. (The Senate did not successfully vote to confirm the impeachment charges.) Johnson wanted to run for a second term as President but was not nominated by the Democratic party for President.

Who was president during Abraham Lincoln's first term as president?

Abraham Lincoln was the president during Abraham Lincoln's first term as president. He took over from James Buchanan, the 15th US President.

Will Obama be a successful president for America?

That remains to be seen. His first term had some successes, but also was marred by constant gridlock in congress. Whether he will be able to move the country forward in his second term, only time will tell.