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Q: What did nativists believe about immigrants?
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What did nativists believe who did they dislike?

Nativists believed that the U.S belong to those who were born in the U.S. They disliked immigrants

What do nativists generally believe about immigrants?

answered by: anomus The Immigrants would take jobs from the Americans

Nativists resented immigrants because?

Nativists resented immigrants for their willingness to work for lower pay. Nativists also feared they would lose their culture.

What did nativists believe?

Nativists believed that Immigrants wanted to destroy America.

What group of Americans would have been opposed to the assimilation of immigrants?


Who were the people called that were against immigrants and Catholics in the 1830s and 1840s?


Why did nativists dislike immigrants?

Natives disliked the new immigrants because they (took jobs from white Americans).

How did nativists view the new wave of immigrants in the late 1800?

The nativists in the late 1800s viewed the new wave of immigrants with a little resentment.

What group wanted to stop immigrants?


What are the know nothings beliefs?

They were anti-Catholic, and nativists (opposed to Immigration and were suspicious of immigrants).

Why did nativists believe that fewer immigrants should be allowed in the country?

Nativists believed that fewer immigrants should be allowed in the country because they felt that immigrants took jobs away from native-born Americans, caused social problems, and diluted American culture and values. They also feared that immigrants would not assimilate into American society easily.

How did nativists blame a cholera outbreak on immigrants?

They said immigrants carried the disease