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The Anti-Federalists wanted a Bill of Rights to be included because, the country had just fought a war because they felt they were losing those rights and they wanted to be assured that their goverment could never take them away.

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Q: What did the anti federalist want the bill of rights to be included in the constitution?
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What did the anti federalist want in the constitution?

a bill of rights

What did the anti federalist believe about the constitution?

Citizens rights were not protected

What was the chief argument of the anti-federalist?

That the Constitution had no bill of rights.

Hamilton vs Jefferson?

Hamilton lead the federalist (people for the constitution) while Jefferson lead the anti-federalist (people against the constitution or believed that the constitution did not fully protect the rights of the citizens). It was a battle of federalist vs anti-federalist.

What ideal did the anti federalist find the constitution lacked?

The ideal that the Anti-federalists found that the Constitution lacked is Individual rights.

Was an anti federalist?

An anti-federalist did not believe in the Constitution's ratification. They thought it gave the government to much power, and needed a Bill of Rights.

How did the federalist feel about the US Constitution?

Anti-federalists thought that the Constitution did not contain enough guarantees of the rights of individual citizens. They were instrumental in having the Bill of Rights added as the first ten amendments to the Constitution.

On what issue did federalist and anti federalist disagree most strongly?

Whether a bill of rights was necessary to include in the Constitution.

Who were the federalist and who were the Anti-federalist?

anti federalist are people who are against the constitution and federalist are people who want the constitution

Why do we have the amendments?

The First Amendment (known as the Bill of Rights) was a compromise between Federalist states and Anti-Federalist states, therefore allowing the new Constitution to be passed. Anti-Federalist wanted rights and restrictions to be put on the Constitution because there was no guarantee to them. Federalists argued that the rights listed were implied. Obviously the Anti-Federalists got what they wanted.

Why are federalist and anti federalist?

The Federalist were important because they helped to enlighten the public about a need for a constitution. The Federalists papers were written as a response to the anti-Federalist who were in disagreement over the newly created Constitution because it did not contain a Bill of Rights. By taking into consideration the concerns of the Federalists, the framers were able to construct The Constitution, which contains a Bill of Rights

Who opposed ratification of the constitution?

The antifederalists opposed to Constitution, as they felt it jeopardized their individual rights and state supremacy.Federalists v. Anti-Federalists. Ratification & Anti-Federalist Opposition. John Jay (New York) --- these 3 wrote The Federalist Papers. The Anti-Federalist opposition to the Constitution is one of the least understood events in American history.